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This is a real sore point with B-Sens fans...

2 years ago, Andrew Ebbett had a fantastic season on another weak Binghamton team. John Muckler made him in offer to re-sign during the season, but Ebbett, frustrated with the poorly run Ottawa franchise, passed to sign the exact same money with an organization where he had a better chance of getting called up...Anaheim.

Ebbett got his break this year and scored 30 points in 46 games.
Andrew Ebbett a surprise for Ducks

This offseason we worry that Greg Mauldin will be the next on to walk away. Despite a career year and earning team MVP, Ottawa passed over him to callup prospects and did nothing to boost the Binghamton team into the playoffs where Mauldin was one of the hardest working player. Why play for an organization that neither rewards you or cares whether your team wins or loses? When asked about returning next season:
"I don't know. Just see how meetings go, and see what people are saying, and (try) to figure out what people really mean when they say. And try to figure out a lot of stuff."

I'm torn. Mauldin is one of my favorite players down here and this team needs him. On the other hand, for his sake he should sign somewhere else. Is he NHL level talent? He's close and the only way to tell is to give him a shot. At the very least, however, he is a great role model for prospects and the type of player that would give a playoff team the extra edge to win a championship in the AHL. He reminds me a lot of Steve Martins who won the cup for Chicago last year.

April 21, 2009 at 8:56 AM | Registered Commenterpucknut