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Stats are (almost) always nice. So here are a few observations from looking at the Sens' stats on at the 29 game mark.

-Only 7 players played all 29 games up to this point (Turris, Smith, Silfverberg, Philips, Condra, Neil, Methot).

-Only 10 players with 10pts or more (Turris, Alfie, Gonch, Smith, Greening, Wiercioch, Silfverberg, Karlsson, ZBad, Milaaan)

-K-daug is a -8 in 18 played games. I thought he played not too bad, but this number proves otherwise (for as far as numbers can prove such a thing). It seems the Sens results are better without him. There are some other regulars who are a minus: Methot (-2), O'Brien (-2), Smith (-4), Gryba (-4), Regin (-4). I didn't expect that. There are some players who didn't play much who did quite well: Spezza (+3 in 5 gms), Borocop (+1 in 6 gms), Latendresse (+4 in 10 gms), Karlsson (+6 in 14 gms, still tied for lead with Silfverberg).

-Did Karlsson really play 14 games, it seemed way less.

-Who'd have thought that Wierchioch (29) and Alfie (25) would complete the top 5 of our penalty minute leaders.

-Z-Bad is tied for first in PP goals, it's only 3 however, so I don't know how representative that is.

-Karlsson and Silfverberg are the only players with a shortie. I remember the days the Sens lead the league in that department. But having the #2 PK without the SHG's is fine with me. We're without Spezza and Karlsson after all.

-Karlsson is still 4th in SOG, trailing Turris and Alfie only by 4 and 3. Having played only half the games. Man he was on pace for a ridiculous season. That's what makes it hurt so much, we all saw clearly he improved so much on his Norris-trophy season.

-That 'Ooh, ah'-kid shoots the puck a lot. 21% more than the number 2 on the list (Turris). The shooting percentage could be higher though 7.4% is 38% lower than Turris (11.9%).

-Jimbo should shoot the puck more, his percentage is a very respectable 14.3%!

-Sure, other players have to play more minutes because of the absence of Karlsson. Errr... Karlsson still leads TOI with 27:03, Gonchar picking up a lot of those minutes has only 24:38 (which is still ~10% lower).

-Kassian only has 5:17 TOI/g which is approx. half of the next lowest regular: K-Dawg with 11:09. Even Stone had 10:00 and Grant 8:29 (in his 5 gms). I don't particularly like this trend, because other players have to pick up those minutes, where they otherwise wouldn't have.

-Karlsson played quite long shifts (no surprise there), even with his 2.5 mins more playing time, he skated 1.5 shifts less than Gonch.

-Jimbo (46.4), ZBad (45.4) and Regin (44.2) should work on their face-offs. Only Alfie and Condra have lower percentages, but they aren't Centremen.

That's about it for me. Let's hear your observations!

March 19, 2013 at 4:11 AM | Registered Commenterdisappointed labru

Here are some stats for Ottawa as a team:

-Tied for the lead in OT/SO points. They are losses nonetheless. Of all the teams they are tied with, the Sens have the highest points total.

-P% is .621 (6th in the league), I'd have never believed you if you predicted that, even with Spezza and Karlsson in the lineup. Chicago has a ridiculous .879!

-25th in Goals for/g (2.38). From all the teams with lower G/G, only San Jose is (just) in a play-off spot. Other teams include illustrious names like Panthers, Predators and BlueJackets (but also the BlueShirts, who'd have thunk).

-1st in GA/G (2.00) less than Chicago (2.03). Shout out to all the goalies!

-10th in the league in 5-on-5 Goal-differential (no surprise there).

-11th PP in the league, which is a surprise because I think it still stinks without Karlsson (and Spezza). Come to think of it, the numbers might buoy on the first 14 games.

-2nd PK in the league, nice work.

-1st in S/G, and still I'd like 'em to shoot more!

-29th in SA/G, that's the Bingo mentality coming trough. There's no indication of the quality of those shots, but combined with the lowest GA/G it must result in the highest save% in the league. That could indicate a low average quality of de shots on goal. As long as the goalies can keep up, I'll take it.

-Chicago is a ridiculous .933 when scoring first, but then again, they're a .879 in total, so they know how to win even when not scoring first. I don't know what to think of this stat, it indicates if you can keep the lead I guess. I'd be more interested in the opposite, winning percentage when scored upon first, that would be the #pesky stat for you. Ottawa is a .727 by the way, wich is good for 8th in the league.

-Winnipeg must not lead often after the first, because if they do, they win each and every one of them.

-As a team we're just above 50% (50.1%) in face-off wins, which I didn't expect, but since both Turris and Smith are above 50% it's plausible.

March 19, 2013 at 4:41 AM | Registered Commenterdisappointed labru

Not Sens related:

-Ron Francis who is #4 in all time scoring with 1798 pts, is a -10 for his career.
-Ray Bourque, #11 with 1579 is a +528, higher than Gretzky who almost had twice as many points.
-Gretzky had a shooting percentage of almost 18% over his whole career.

March 19, 2013 at 4:55 AM | Registered Commenterdisappointed labru

Wow labru, that's a lot of stats. did you catch the asian flu or something?

March 19, 2013 at 5:41 AM | Registered CommenterHomer

I study at a University of Technology, does that count? Not that maths are my strong suit however. I did catch a hint of some kind of flu though, not ill, but just not feeling too well, therefore I was sitting at home studying the wrong materials ;-)

March 19, 2013 at 4:26 PM | Registered Commenterdisappointed labru

I looked at the face offs again. Apart from the fact they killed us in the last Boston game, we just have to get better at them. Our top 5 face-off men aren't even playing (regularly)

Dziurzynsky (75%)
Da Costa (60.9%)
Spezza (57.1%)
Grant (54.8%)

Smith is the only one respectable above 50%: 51.7%
Silfverberg and Dog-ovens are even (exactly 50%)
The rest is (well) below 50%

This is somewhat worrisome, I guess!

March 25, 2013 at 5:04 AM | Registered Commenterdisappointed labru

Some more stats about shooting the puck:

Some Sens are doing fine, others could probably manage to shoot a bit more. Since looking at the total shots doesn't tell you much with the widely varying amount of games played. I decided to have a look per GP.

From the sheet I concluded that 2+ SOG/GP is respectable for a top 6 F or a top 1 offensive D.

Karlsson - 4.5
Silfverberg - 2.8
Spezza - 2.4
Alfie - 2.3
Latendresse - 2.3
Turris - 2.2
ZBad - 2.1
Neil - 1.9
Gonch - 1.9 (He could probably shoot a bit more, but all in all seems to be doing just fine)
Michalek - 1.9 (He also should have shot more, but that's a discussion for another season).
Gryba - 1.8
Wiercioch - 1.8
Smith - 1.8 (Since he plays a top 6 role now, should shoot a bit more IMO)
Methot - 1.1

The amount of shifts and shift lengths aren't all the same though. Let's take a look who makes the most of his time on the ice:

MinutesOnIce/SOG (It's decimal, but since it's only for comparison...)
Silfverberg - 5.7 mins between SOG's (Seems to be making the most of his time on the ice, could work a bit on his S% (±8%)).
Karlsson - 6.0 mins (He shoots more per shift, but his shifts are almost 25% longer than anybody else on the ice)
ZBad - 6.2 mins
Latendresse - 6.5 mins
I'm starting to see why I like the Ooh-Ah | ZBad | Latendresse line quite a bit.
DaCosta - 7.1
Dziurzynski - 7.3
Neil - 7.4
Spezza - 8.0 mins (We know he's a passer, but his underrated shot could be used more)
Condra - 8.1 (And that's not even counting all the shots that go wide or high, nice work!)
Regin - 8.2
Alfie - 8.2
Wiercioch - 8.5
Turris - 8.7 (First/Second line center..., shoot it more!)
Smith - 8.9 mins between shots (Top 6 role, shoot it more!)
Michalek - 9.8 (Shooting is his game, do it more. Next season that is.)
Gonchar - 11.6 (As said, he could get a few more shots off. Especially considering both his goals were game winners!).
Methot - 21.2 mins between shots (I know it's not his role, but he could try...?)

Borowiecki - 77.9 mins between shots (1 shot in all his time up here, I don't know what his stats in Bingo are. But then again it's not really his job either).

March 25, 2013 at 6:45 AM | Registered Commenterdisappointed labru