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Sens Underground Forums > Injury / recovery / non-game news and quotes

Spezza did take a skate this morning, before the game day team skate.

Anderson took, in the coach's words, a "twirl" on the ice before the team skate. It wasn't a skate, just a "twirl' on the ice as part of the recovery process.

Michalek has skated a bit, but no firm expectations on whether he will be ready for the Boston game later this week.

Coach Maclean's game day news conference today:

Q: To what do you attribute Greening's improvments since being sat a week ago?
A: Sitting him out took pressure off sitting him. He could reset and start from simpler place than where he was; he’s been better with each game being back. No pressure of being sat out so could get back to simpler game without too much “have to do better” pressure and easier game to play.

Q: What do you attribute your better home record to this year, compared to last year?
A: Better water in the Gatorade mixture. (laughs) Being in the playoffs has helped team confidence, and it's showing in home games with better consistency.

A coach who's positive, loose, and has a sense of humour. Love it!

February 25, 2013 at 11:46 AM | Registered CommenterKardinal