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Sens Underground Forums > Pre-Playoffs Thread

The "best officials" in the world are on fire tonight...

Pittsburg's 3rd goal came after a bad icing call.
Flyers' 1st goal was scored on an offside.
Vacouver's 1st goal was scored on an non-called goaltenter interference against Quick.

There was some bad blood at the end of the game in Nashville. Detroit had 8 PP to Nashville's 6.

This doesn't bode well for Ottawa. I have a feeling that TJ will have a strong dislike for the officiating. Me? I'm just gonna hate it.

April 11, 2012 at 11:06 PM | Registered CommenterHomer

Just saw the highlights of the Detroit-Nashville game. In the dying seconds Weber puches Zetterberg in the back of the head and takes his head and rams it face 1st into the glass. What does the ref call? 2 minutes for roughing.

Best refs in the world right? Player safety 1st right? Boy it sure is a good thing that those two statements are true and that Shanahan will take care of this.

April 11, 2012 at 11:48 PM | Registered CommenterHomer

< sarcasm >

If it had been Nicky Figgs' head that had been bashed like Zetterberg's, he would have got 5 and a game for attempting to injure the glass.

< /sarcasm >

April 12, 2012 at 12:03 AM | Registered CommenterKardinal

Great Karlsson interview... apologies if already posted

April 12, 2012 at 4:45 AM | Registered CommenterSens Dawg

Shanahan comes down "real hard" on Weber.

Can we take up a collection from fans across the league to raise money so we can smash Bettman and company's heads into the glass? At $2,500 hit, how many head smashes do you think we can get? Hell, I'm pretty sure that even some players would chip in.

April 12, 2012 at 5:07 PM | Registered CommenterHomer