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Sens Underground Forums > Bring Back Kelly

This is from garrioch.

Apparently, there is a Bring Back Chris Kelly campaign on the Internet. I don’t think it’s trending on Twitter, but the former Senators centre is poised to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and he hasn’t been re-signed yet by the Bruins. “You guys must be starting that? Did it just start (Tuesday)?” asked Kelly, who still makes his off-season home in Ottawa. “That is a tough question. Right now, I’m happy in Boston and my family is happy. We’ve got a group of guys, team and coaching staff. I’ve been treated extremely well since I’ve been here ... I’m thinking of the present, as opposed to the future. Who knows what the future holds? All I know is I’ve played for two great organizations.”

I have done some digging myself and have found there are two online petitions regarding the return of Kelly. There is a YES petition started by Russell - and a NO petition started by his wife.

February 1, 2012 at 1:10 PM | Registered CommenterThe Apostle

With apologies to Russel - no. Bringing back Kelly is a step backwards. Keep bringing in the young, hungry guys up the ranks.

February 1, 2012 at 1:19 PM | Registered CommenterSens Dawg

With apologies to Dawg, - yes. Of all the moves that Murray made last year, the Kelly trade was the only move that I disagreed with. I think that Kelly is not only a valuable player, but he would be a great example for the younger players. If this was going to be a long rebuilding process as most of us felt it was going to be, I would say just go with the young guys. But this team has now reached the point where they will probably make the playoffs and we not going to get a top draft pick this year. There are a couple of guys on this team who I question if they are ready for the NHL or even if they will ever be good NHL players and might be better off in Bingo. Kelly is not some old grey beard in the last couple of years of his career. He will be around for a while and there is lots of cap room to pay him.

February 1, 2012 at 4:14 PM | Registered CommenterSunburned Senior

Two questions for you Senior:
1) What kind of message does bringing back Kelly send to the young crop of guys?
2) Do you think Kelly would be as motivated now that he's won a cup?

This IS still a long-term rebuild. Let's not make the same mistake that Tampa did - think we're back to playoff status after (not even) one good full season). So many questions still remain: who can complement Spezza on the top line (Greening is not really a top line player, and Michalek is just entering his prime)? Who will replace Alfredsson on the 2nd line? Gonchar, Phillips, Carkner, Kuba are also on their way out in a year or two. Scoring depth is still an issue. Goaltending is somewhat solid, but Lehner is yet to be tested (could the Sens have a 1-2 punch similar to Rask-Thomas?).

Until you can look at this team and say:
- we have a strong top line that can go up against anybody
- we have secondary scoring that can contribute when top line is shut down
- we have a solid D that can move the puck and move people from out in front of the net
- we have a goalie that plays solid, and sometimes steal a game

Not saying you need a team that can win every night. Just saying we need to get back to the level the team was in the 2000s. A competitive, regular playoffs team that can challenge for the cup. You know, the pure opposite of Toronto.

February 1, 2012 at 4:35 PM | Registered CommenterSens Dawg

I would never question Kelly's motivation. The guy is a class act on and off the ice, you know that you'll get a solid effort from him every night. When Kelly was traded last year, I didn't like it. On a rebuilding team, he's the kind of guy you want on your team.

That being said, if you do bring him back, what do you do with a guy like Zack Smith who filled in Kelly's role pretty well.

Kelly is 31 has 14 goals and 10 assists in 48 games and averages 14:38 of ice time
Smith is 23 has 12 goals and 10 assists in 53 games and averages 14:57 of ice time.

Those stats are pretty much identical considering Kelly plays on a better team that scores more goals.

As much as I like Kelly, moving forward I think that his role belongs to Smith.

February 1, 2012 at 6:36 PM | Registered CommenterHomer

I'd rather they bring back Chara and Hossa myself----they got plenty of guys like Smith who can do what Kelly does.

February 1, 2012 at 7:46 PM | Registered Commentertjlincoln

HATED the Kelly trade at the time. It did make room however for Zack Smith who was stuck down in BIngo a year longer than he deserved to be. Next thing you know he's 3rd line centre. Murray probably was not just looking for that late 2nd round (lottery) pick but rather looking to open up some room at the same time. He's probably smarter than he seems most of the time. He's proven to be smart with identifying quality young guys.

Let Kelly sign a big multi-year deal somewhere and get his family set for life. Please don't let it be on the Leafs. I think they have zero cap room for anybody anyway. WIth the Turris thing working out, and DaCosta and Z-bad kicking around out there as potential future centres we aren't totally desperate for centremen all of a sudden.

Love Kelly. Good luck bud. Get the big money.

It's a 2nd line left winger and better back up goalie where we need to add people.

February 1, 2012 at 7:54 PM | Registered CommenterPesky Jones

I'm a big Kelly fan, but there's no spot for him on the club. We already have Spezza, Turris, Smith, with Zibby probably coming in next year, as well as DaCosta in Bingo. Looking good up the middle. I'm a little worried about who is going to replace Alfredsson on that second line with Turris though.

February 1, 2012 at 8:54 PM | Registered Commenterthegertkenator

I never started this petition. kinda pissed i didn't think of it first, though.

Bruins would never trade him back to us within the division. as a UFA, he's going to get a sweet deal from someone but I don't see it being ottawa. but, he would be of more use than Butler.

February 1, 2012 at 11:59 PM | Registered CommenterResigned Russell

Corey Locke would be of more use than Butler. Bobby is getting one heck of a chance this year and he's misfiring. I remember that in the Boston game he had a point blank chance in the slot and missed the net. Not very encouraging from a guy who's supposed to be a sniper. Nevertheless, he works hard out there :S

February 2, 2012 at 9:26 AM | Registered CommenterSens Dawg

Butler is really the only deadwood on the team right now. everyone else is pulling their weight. a shame really, cuz I had big hopes for him.

February 2, 2012 at 9:35 AM | Registered CommenterResigned Russell

I think both the Fisher and Kelly trade were borne out of necessity. We really did have nothing much else worth people trading for. That's a lesson worth learning, when we decided to rebuild we were absolutely on the bare bones. Only Fisher and Kelly stayed with the teams they were traded with at the end of the year. Elliott, Ruutu, Kovalev and Campoli all either moved teams or retired. That shows just how bad a situation we were in.

I understand the Kelly trade - who else would have got us such a decent pick. With that pick we picked up Shane Prince (most people are high on that), with the knowledge we had three 2nd round picks we had the pieces to move back up into the 1st round and get Puempel. With the space on the rosta we were able to give Zack Smith the time on the ice to have a break-out (of sorts) season. With Fisher and Kelly gone we were able to give da Costa and Zbad valuable playing time.

The deal worked out fine for us.

February 2, 2012 at 10:42 AM | Registered CommenterThe Apostle

Is Butler on a one-way contract or two?

February 2, 2012 at 12:37 PM | Registered Commenterdadexter


February 2, 2012 at 5:36 PM | Registered CommenterResigned Russell

I believe the Sens have the ability to send Butler down without him going through wavers, up to a certain point this season. But I don't think they intend to do that based on the opportunities he's getting (he's the only guy who regularly gets thrown up on the top line or the PP without having the numbers to back it up).

Although, the game against Boston was lost due to mistakes by the top line players, the 3rd and 4th lines could be bolstered with a decent pickup by Murray.

I think Kelly would sign back up with Boston for league min. if they offered him that. I mean, why would you leave such a solid team and a chance at a cup every year for the next 3-4?

February 2, 2012 at 5:59 PM | Registered CommenterTank Dawg