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Sens Underground Forums > KIller sez: give Locke a chance

Locke too talented to languish in AHL: Kilrea

The more accolades Corey Locke receives, the more it makes Brian Kilrea shake his head.

“I feel sorry for him. Every year … he’s gone out there and put up numbers,” said Kilrea, Locke’s former junior coach with the Ontario Hockey League’s Ottawa 67’s, who watched him get held off the scoresheet in Monday night’s 70th AHL all-star game, won 8-7 in a shootout by the Western Conference over Locke and his East teammates.

“Next thing you know you’re taking a look around and somebody else on your team has gone up [to the NHL] and stayed. That’s when it gets a little discouraging, I’m sure.”

Locke's got great hands but his size (5'9", 180 lbs) means that he's really an offensive-only player. I don't know too many teams that will go with a #1 centre of his size and he's not much use as a #2 or #3 since he's not a checker. It's a pity, but there it is. I'm still surprised that a bottom feeder team that needs a top line centre doesn't give him a shot; he'd play for league minimum, so what is there to lose?

January 31, 2012 at 11:59 AM | Registered CommenterKardinal

I was hoping that he'd be the next Martin St.Louis. A hard working guy who never game up until Tampa gave him a real chance.

OHL Numbers: 186 GP, 132 G , 180 A, 312 PTS
AHL Numbers: 535 GP, 162 G, 317A, 479 PTS

Lock has been successful at every level of hockey he's played in, but has only been given a chance to play in 9 NHL games with three different teams.

January 31, 2012 at 3:10 PM | Registered CommenterHomer

That's not much of a chance. It's a shame to waste such a great talent in the minors.
My guess is, he's probably not working as hard in the defensive end of the ice - but that can be taught/coached.

January 31, 2012 at 5:26 PM | Registered CommenterSens Dawg

If I remember correctly, he is not great defensively and is not a great skater for a smaller guy.

January 31, 2012 at 7:12 PM | Registered CommenterSunburned Senior