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Sens Call-ups - Episode 17: The National Sens League

In this week’s special episode, we call up 6 guests, some familiar voices and some new ones.  We fly across the country going from East to West and meet up with Frank, Gabrielle, Spezzial Delivery, Ken, Brianne and Dan

There was a heck of a week in effort and pretty good success this week 

  • Sens 4 @ Slugs 3
  • Jets 1 @ Sens 4
  • Sens 5 @ Isles 3
  • Gentlemen of Hockey 2 @ Sens 1

The GMs also do their tour around and proposed changes to rules and regulations, Cory Perry re-signs with the Ducks and we talk about the possible impact on long term contracts.  The Leafs clean house a bit…and the league may do some of that for them too.

Looking forward to more Call Ups in the future, and keep those e-mails coming!

#Peskysens #refyousuck

Sens Call-ups - Episode 17: The National Sens League


Sens Call-ups - Episode 16: Shields Up!

After a pretty positive week (unless you’re Lehner in the shoot out) the Sens put up 4 out of 6 possible points.  Of course the week doesn’t go on without controversy with the Daugavins shootout attempt and the inconsistency and ridiculousness of the instigating with a visor penalties.  

  • Sens 3 @ Rangers 2
  • Bruins 3 @ Sens 2 SO
  • Sens 3 @ Habs 4 SO

We look at potential players on the move at the trade deadline, the potential best time to move a goalie and get some very long e-mails.

Looking forward to hearing from Sens fans behind enemy lines.

Sens Call-ups - Episode 16: Shields Up!


Sens Call-ups - Episode 15: brought to you by Canuck, Pan, and the Ghost of Kardinal

We get together and try out a new audio setup.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out to the level of quality that we were hoping for, but hey – we’re new at this.

Speaking of new, this whole team being made of young players and it seems that some of the spark may be fading a little in the win column.  

  • Ottawa 1 @ Boston 2 OT
  • Ottawa 1 @ Philadelphia 2
  • Ottawa 2 @ NY Islanders 3 OT
  • Ottawa 4 @ Toronto 5

We look at what the team is lacking and what possible moves could be made, and what part of the year or season that would work best as well as some former Sens around the league.

Sens Call-ups - Episode 15: brought to you by Canuck, Pan, and the Ghost of Kardinal


Sens Call-ups - Episode 14: Calling Up the Underground

After a fantastic week and sweeping home games, Ben Bishop has led the team through some very close games with unexpected heroics coming from Daugavins and Regin.

  • Rangers 2 @ Sens 3 SO
  • Laughs 2 @ Sens 3
  • Habs 1 @ Sens 2 SO

We are joined by our good old friend and familiar voice of Russell from the old show to discuss the season up to now and look at some moves around the league.  E-mails and more talk about the potential realignment.

We look forward to more feedback and feel free to join the network.  You can create your own podcast, post in the forums, write up blogs, e-mail us your thoughts, or if you want to call up to us, let us know!

Sens Call-ups - Episode 14: Calling Up the Underground


Sens Call-ups - Episode 13.5: Taking Back the Bank

After an exciting night out where all three Call Ups were in attendance in the Leafs and Sens game, we couldn’t wait to get back on the air to talk about it.

Leafs 2 @ Sens 3!

We bounce around and talk about the game and the atmosphere of the arena.  With fear of being totally embarrassed with the visiting blue shirts in the stands, the Sens stand up for themselves.  

Lost in this was the Do It for Daron drive.  To make donations and for more information, visit their website at

Sens Call-ups - Episode 13.5: Taking Back the Bank