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Sens Call-ups - Episode 22: The Condra Week - Spiralling Into The Playoffs

It’s been a miserable week on the ice however things seem to fall in the Sens favour around the league and with the more likely return of Karlsson, things could be on the up and up.

  • Caps 1 @ Sens 3
  • Leafs 4 @ Sens 1
  • Pens 3 @ Sens 1

It’s hard to relive these games, but we struggle through it.  After all, the groundhogs like the game recaps, right?  There’s line-up changes looming and many spare parts hanging around.  We look at some things around the league, look at some teams in the playoffs, announce the winners of the latest contest and get ready for the last week of the regular season where the Sens can hopefully clinch early.

Sens Call-ups - Episode 22: The Condra Week - Spiralling Into The Playoffs


Sens Call-ups - Episode 21: A Big Presence Returns!

After being away for the full season, he’s back!  Yes that’s right!  After being on the sidelines all year Shredder returns to the Underground Network and joins us for the whole episode.  Oh, and Jared Cowen’s playing now too…

  • Sens 3 @ Flyers 1
  • Sens 2 @ Devils 0
  • Canes 2 @ Sens 3

After a hat trick of wins, this week is much more positive versus last week and the playoff push continues.  We look at how some players are doing, suspensions around the league, the announcement of some outdoor games, and with Shredder back on it just wouldn’t be a show without a goaltender controversy. 

Ben from Binghamton calls up with an update on the farm team.  Don’t forget to enter our contest for your chance to win a Binghamton prize pack!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of those lost and injured in the terrible events in Boston.  #BostonStrong

Sens Call-ups - Episode 21: A Big Presence Returns!


Sens Call-ups - Episode 20: Too Many Roadies on the Roadie

Well this week was pretty uneventful and disappointing.  With poor results and weak effort, the outlook for the playoffs seemed a little bleaker.  The upside though does include Conacher getting his first goal as a Sen and Alfie breaking a long goalless drought while playing against a familiar friend.  Oh, and Erik Karlsson returning too! 

  • Sens 2 @ Sabres 4
  • Sens 1 @ Pathers 2
  • Sens 2 @ Dan O’Rourke 3

We zoom around the league and answer e-mails as always.  We look forward to seeing some of you (who aren't traveling or away) at the Big Rig on Thursday!

Sens Call-ups - Episode 20: Too Many Roadies on the Roadie


Sens Call-ups - Episode 19: The Trade Deadline Edition: Murray Makes a (Little) Move!

As Trade Deadline comes and goes, we trade our tallest player for our now smallest one (and the little guys cheer).  We welcome Cory Connacher to the team!

  • Rangers 0 @ Sens 3
  • Douches 4 @ Sens 0 – thanks CBInc!
  • Sens 2 @ Bruins 3

We look at a bunch of the trades which trickled through after the Bishop trade and speak to a special guest, Peter Joynt, who can be found at

We round out the show with some e-mails and set up the SCU Get Together at Big Rig for April 11th for 7:00PM.

Thanks to all for listening again and looking forward to more e-mail and submissions.

Sens Call-ups - Episode 19: The Trade Deadline Edition: Murray Makes a (Little) Move!


Sens Call-ups - Episode 18: Two Wins Means Let’s Go CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!

There really wasn’t much to talk about this week – until today!  We only have two games to look at, but they were successful:

  • Bolts 3 @ Sens 5
  • Devils 2 @ Golden Gawds 3

A couple of guys come back from injury and K-Dawg leaves town.  The owner sounds off on Matt Cooke and the injury to Karlsson at a VERY odd time.  Speaking of odd – the supplemental discipline inconsistencies continue to baffle everyone.

Around the league, Pittsburgh is grabbing every free agent around the league for cheap and we get a special visit from Southern California by having a long time Groundhog on the show as Cathy Cardinal joins us.  (TJ, don’t be hateful, we’ll have you on, just e-mail us!)

We read a couple more e-mails and empty out the inbox and await our trade deadline edition!

Sens Call-ups - Episode 18: Two Wins Means Let’s Go CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!

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