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S4 - Episode 5: Win Tickets to the Sens and Isles Nov.13th!

Hello again, everyone. The Underground returns this week with another episode to help you figure out what happened with your team this week, cause you sure didn't see it on t.v.!!!! Yes, there was grumbling a plenty amongst Sens fans this week due to the inconsiderate broadcast schedule that allowed most viewers to see zero games. Hey, you know you can count on us.

Three games to go over this week, one surprising, one ugly and one frustrating:

Ottawa 5 - Buffalo 2
Ottawa 2 - Florida 1
Ottawa 2 - Tampa 3 SO

After finding their game out of nowhere and knocking off the Slugs in Barfalo, The Sens headed south to Florida where they took three out of four points. The Panthers game was downright ugly but a win's a win. The Tampa game, from what we can tell from listening to Gord and Dean, was a great effort by our boys that resulted in a shoot out loss. We really need to get better at those.

Poor Mike Fisher is on the hotseat this week as his slump has now gone past unfortunate into get your ass in gear! His hands are now officially caked in concrete. Kelly, on the on other hand, finally ended his slide and there was much rejoicing. (yaaaayyyy).

CBC takes some heat from us this week, Alfie's greatness is rewarded, Leaf fans are stupid, Stooli has the news and your e-mails, as always, round out the show.

This is where you, the listener, come in. We're throwing you a carrot this week. We have procured from the Ticket Guy a set of tickets for the Nov. 13th game against the Isles and they can be yours. All you have to do is blow our socks of with some sort of communication, be it e-mail, voice mail, picture, whatever! It's up to you. It can be about any Sens related topic, in just about any format. Why do the Leafs suck? Pledge your allegiance to the Golden Gawd Alfie! How much do you love the Underground? We are leaving the creativity up to you. Break out your thinking caps, get your mojo working and impress us! We want you to participate in the show and here's your chance to be rewarded for it! Our next show will be Sunday, Nov. 9th, so get cracking!

Until then, accept that Auld is now our starter and enjoy episode 5!

S4 - Episode 5: Win Tickets to the Sens and Isles Nov.13th!


S4 - Episode 4: The "We've Had Better Weeks" Show

Yeah, that's probably the best way to sum this past week up. On top of the putrid record the Sens posted this week, illness once again runs amok on the Underground. But as the old saying goes, the show must go on so even with Russell bed ridden with yet another bout of the flu/cold, we found a way to get a show out to you folks. Your cold, clammy, sweaty, feverish host calls in to do his duties this week. With so much to say about the Sens, we felt we didn't have a choice and considering this was a totally new experience for us, we think it turned out pretty good!

Whereas Russell will eventually get better, there are some who are not sure the same can be said for the Senators. 8 games into the season and our boys seem to be going the wrong way. 1 so-so win and 4 losses do not a happy coach make:

Phoenix 3 - Ottawa 6
Bruins 4 - Ottawa 2
Florida 3 - Ottawa 1
Anaheim 4 - Ottawa 3
Ottawa 2 - Toronto 3

Hartsburg has been saying all the right things, seems to understand what ails the team yet these patients of his don't seem to be swallowing his medicine. This was painfully clear in the loss to the Dirty Ones on Saturday when we saw how much farther along the learning curve they are than us. That hurts us to say.

After covering the games, we have a quick back and forth about why things are not going as planned. We seem to agree that though this may not be the most talented team we've ever seen in Ottawa, they certainly should be better than the way they are playing. But there is Hartsburg's dilemma; why does this group of professional hockey players have so much trouble doing the seemingly simple task of playing hard every night, hell, ANY NIGHT, for 60 minutes?

With the fans growing impatient already, pressure mounts on Hartsburg and Murray to get this team on track quickly. And as we discuss, a lot of that impatience stems from the fact that many of this year's problems are last year's problems all over again. That wasn't supposed to happen! Gerber, the defence, no secondary scoring... anyone else sick of hearing about this yet? All we need now is for someone to show up late for practice!

The big catch phrase we've heard over and over from the brain trust has been "accountability". Well, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. With the team bottoming-out against a barely NHL calibre Leafs squad, we talk about it being time to send a strong message and send someone with a higher profile than Donovan to the press box. The time has come and there's no shortage of possible candidates.

Stooli does his News thing, a bunch of e-mails including one from a listener who was not down with a former guest, and one of the worst examples of poetry you will ever hear.

And finally, you will get the details about Shredder's and Russell's upcoming adventure back into the music biz.

For info on how to join Stooli's new dorm, watch for the late night infomercials during the adult movie.

S4 - Episode 4: The "We've Had Better Weeks" Show


S4 - Episode 3: 100 and Counting! And THN's Sam McCaig goes Underground.

Welcome to our Sens-tennial show! Yes, the Underground turns 100 this week and we dedicate this show to you, the listeners, old and new, who have made the show what it is. We could not have found it in ourselves to make it this far without your support and participation in this totally cool, global community we've managed to build.

This show features several guests dropping in, some old and one new. We'll let you discover the old ones on your own but we are honoured to welcome a first time Undergrounder to the show. Sam McCaig, senior copy editor for The Hockey News drops in to give us an objective opinion on this year's Sens. We discuss the Sens, specifically Spezza and Gerber, and then we move on to some NHLish topics such as Sean Avery and European expansion.

There wasn't much to talk about game-wise this week. Just the one match:

Detroit 3 - Ottawa 2

The Sens' schedule picks up this weekend, thank God. With only one game to cover, we had to fill up the show with assorted silliness (Champagne will do that to you - our apologies to Clint Malarchuk). Stooli with the News, your e-mails, our thoughts on the new/old HNIC anthem and a few memories from the old days should keep you giggling right along with us, like Spezza in front of a microphone.

We wouldn't advise you to listen to this one any place where people might look at you funny for laughing to yourself. On second thought, the hell with them. They are probably Leaf fans anyways.

The senior copy editor, Sam McCaig has been with The Hockey News since 1999. He regularly covers the NHL and AHL, but it hasn’t helped his game – his career high for goals in a season is one (set several times).

S4 - Episode 3: 100 and Counting! And THN's Sam McCaig goes Underground.


S4 - Episode 2: Mean and Nasty in Sweden

Who would have thought you could go to a nice little country like Sweden and turn into beasts?

Strangely, that is just what happened to the Sens this week as we got a real good look at what Hartsburg's team is going to look like this year. AND WE LOVE IT!!! 3 out of 4 points from the team that swept us from the playoffs last season and I can safely say the Pens don't want to see us again anytime soon. Yes, they got us in OT the first game but they paid for it big time in the rematch and Sid the Bib really wishes now that the Pens had resigned Ruutu.

The final scores were as follows:

Pens 4 - Ottawa 3 OT
Ottawa 3 - Pens 1

Gerber did not gain any supporters this week but Auld did, and Smith is now officially Stooli's new man-crush (sorry Brent). The fickle fans of Ottawa went from dread to elation in 24 hours but we now seem to have the team we've always wanted: maybe not the most talented but certainly no push overs. Even in defeat this year, I think we'll be proud of our boys!

Stooli is back with his first edition of the News and first time e-mailers rule, especially Jane who may have some explaining to do to her husband.

Grab the band-aids folks, this is going to be a whole different experience this season and it's gonna hurt them more then us!


S4 - Episode 2: Mean and Nasty in Sweden


S4 - Episode 1: Another Season 4 You!

Hello loyal listeners and newbies alike! Welcome to season 4 of the Sens Underground! Hard to believe the summer that started so long ago, and much too early, has come to an end and a new NHL season is upon us. But there we were, back behind the mics tonight, gushing our perceived wisdom out to the world for all to enjoy. And we loved it!

This could be a turning point season for the Sens, one way or the other. They could re-discover their chemistry and return to the form that took them deep into the playoffs or they could slide back into the also-rans of the league. There are so many variables and intangibles that could play a part in their upcoming season, it's really anyone's guess. So, we do!

After an interview with the Sens new coach (at least in our little world), we get down to it with a look back at the 5 pre-season games in North America. A 3-2 record gave us a little hope and a little to worry about. The good news is, Hartsburg seems to have seen the stumbles too and is all over them early, trying to set a precedent.

We take a look at who stepped up and who just stepped aside when given their chance at cracking the big club. There's only a few players left to cut but this is where it gets really interesting. With 12 forwards under one-way contracts and Foligno and Bass certainly earning spots with their two-way deals, how will Murray handle this log jam? And the defence! There's a whole show in itself!

Murray himself gets examined in our own home opener. He has certainly put his stamp on this year's team already, redefining what he wants a Senator to be, but lets not forget their recent fall from grace came on his watch. His future must surely rest on this season.

Gerber's pre-season performance has been much like his last few seasons here in Ottawa. Mostly pretty good but with some question marks. We'll take a look at what he's up against this year.

We read some early season e-mails, Russell demonstrates the meaning of bad timing with his "head cold the day of the first podcast" voice, Shredder starts his first argument of the year and we still don't know what Stooli was talking about through most of the show.

We want to thank you all for joining us again this year. It's going to be interesting to say the least and we hope we do it justice and reward your loyalty to us.

Give me a hell, give me a yeah!! Hockey's back and so are we!

S4 - Episode 1: Another Season 4 You!