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A New Contest!


Christmas is the time for giving and we at the Underground are no different. So, I take this opportunity to give to you some stuff that has been sitting on the floor in my house for the better part of a year.

Yes, you now have the chance to win the last of the Sens Fan Packs that we received last year from the Ottawa Senators. These packs include:

1 Sens Army T-shirt
1 Sens Army car window sticker
1 Sens lapel pin
Several packs of Sens hockey cards
1 Sens pom pom
1 unused ticket from last spring's playoffs for game 6 that never happened.(I'm throwing that in)
Unchallenged bragging rights in the Sens Underground.

What do you have to do for these fabulous prizes? We are asking you to help us out with finding the Sens a new slogan. A few years ago it was "Be Red". Not so creative. Last year it was "One Mission". That lasted One Round. This year's "A Force United" has done nothing but unite us with the bottom dwellers such as the Leafs and the Thrashers so we think it's time for a change. All you have to do is send us your suggestions for a new logo more reflective of this year's Sens. For example:

Sens Army: Tanking For Tavares
Sens Army: Quit Whining or We'll Bring Back Yashin.

We'll be selecting a winner during the first show of the new year so you have about 2 weeks to get your entries in. Send them to Russell.

Hey, when things are this bad, you have to have some fun with it, right?

Good luck, season's best to you all.



S4 - Episode 11: Merry Christmas Undergrounders

Welcome to episode 11 everyone, a little something to listen to on your iPods as you wander through the malls, doing your Christmas shopping. If any of you happen to spot a little magic pill out there that we can give to the Sens to get them out of this season-long funk, please pick it up and send us the bill. Hartsburg and Murray have as much as admitted that they don’t know what’s wrong with these guys so maybe all that’s left is a little Christmas miracle.

Three more games this week and outside of a so-so win in OT over Dallas, it was yet another forgettable week for the Sens:

Atlanta 4 – Ottawa 1
Ottawa 1 – News Jersey 5
Dallas 4 – Ottawa 5 OT

Where they found those 5 goals against Dallas, we have no idea. My God, even Vermette scored in that one! And Gator with the winner??? But the down side is that we lost our captain to a non-called boarding infraction which once again leads us to wonder where the NHL’s priorities are when it comes to penalties. Maybe more disturbing is the fact that we are once again left wondering where the team was after said hit. No one did anything about it. Where have we heard that before?

Hartsburg shook up the lines, bag skated them, threatened them and once again we saw a team unable to respond to the challenge. So what’s left, we ask ourselves this week. And if you really believe, as we do, that there is talent on this team, then why do we so rarely see it any more? Is the answer all in their attitudes? Are they still too comfortable? That and more Jason Spezza trade talk also make the cut in this week’s Open Ice.

The News, your e-mails, some Christmas cheer and a new contest for you all to participate in this week. We will be taking next week off so get out your note pads while watching this long road trip the Sens are on. There will be a test when we return two weeks from now.

We wish you, our Underground family, and all of your families the best during the holiday season. Raise a glass to the Sens and hope the goodwill brings us some good luck in the New Year.


S4 - Episode 11: Merry Christmas Undergrounders


S4 - Episode 10: Is It Time?

This is the question that's being asked more and more around Sensland lately: is it time?

Time for what? Change? Certainly, as it seems that 28 games is enough to convince us that what you see is what you get and it's not going to get any better the way it is. But what do you change when so much is wrong and your options are so limited? Players? The coach? The GM? Everything?!?!

This was a brutal week for the Sens:

Florida 4 - Ottawa 3 OT
Ottawa 0 - Chicago 2
Ottawa 1 - Washington 5
Tampa 0 - Ottawa 2

Those three losses were not easy to watch but neither was their lone win. Sure, two points is two points but they barely beat Tampa and they did not look good doing it. Surely Melnyk can't like what he's seeing and he must be getting a little antsy writing those huge pay cheques every week and not seeing any consistent improvement.

Why these players are unable to perform to their abilities is always a question to ponder on the show and this week is no different. We put Hartsburg, rightly or not, under the microscope and right beside him you will find Murray. We want some accountability (there's that word again) and considering they were the ones throwing it around so much, it might be nice if they'd live up to their end of the bargain because we don't see any. Brendan Bell excluded.

A ton of e-mails, News and the different stages of mourning our Sens. It's all you can ask for, other than our old team back. Oh, and Kelly scored. OH MY GOD! KELLY!!! OH MY GOD!

Leafs suck...but so do we.

S4 - Episode 10: Is It Time?


S4 - Episode 9: Bawls and Bawls of Fun!

We come to you from beautiful Ottawa, Ontario this week, as we do every week. But this is a confused city these days. We're not really sure who, if anyone, is running the country up on Parliament Hill (as close as we can figure, when the going gets tough, take 7 weeks off) and no one seems to know what to expect from the Senators (the ones not up on the hill).

The Senators we deal with are much closer to the bottom of the hill than the top but did move up a little this week with three wins in their last four games:

Toronto 1 - Ottawa 2 SO
Ottawa 2 - NY Islanders 4
Atlanta 1 - Ottawa 5
Pittsburgh 2 - Ottawa 3

So... three wins are good, right? But that Isles, what was that about? Even Alfie and the coach were at a loss to explain that one. We take issue with a few of the comments made by the coach and the captain after that stinker.

But we give credit where credit is due and the last two games of the week were fantastic with Spezza stealing the show against the Penguins. The Golden Gawd is back to form and the defence has been great. Auld, what more can you say? We find something, as you might suspect.

And of course we have our say, like everyone else, on Mr. Avery. Gets a little heated too. We do our weekly share of Leaf bashing, including taking a few shots at our new friends down the 401. The e-mails, a voice mail, some trade rumour talk, the News and a few bloopers at the end just to drink your eggnog, or Bawls, to. Mix with rum, and enjoy.

S4 - Episode 9: Bawls and Bawls of Fun!


Enough is Enough


This will be the second time in two weeks I have to admit Stooli was right so as soon as I'm done writing, I will be taking a scalding hot shower. (I feel so dirty!)

The Sens lost yet another game to the New York Islanders last night. Yes, those New York Islanders. That's three times in a row to a team that, on paper, shouldn't be able to win a single game against us. It wasn't so much that the Sens lost, it was, yet again, how they lost.

After three or four strong efforts, against mostly good teams, they had many of us believing they had possibly turned the corner and had found some chemistry that would lead to a consistent, solid effort every night from here on out. Apparently, we've been duped again for in what has become a very, very old story, the Sens came out and failed to play a sixty minute hockey game. Not only that, but they played down to what should be a weaker opponent's level.

This is where Stooli makes his disturbing appearance, for it was the highly-caffeinated Inked One who said on the show a few weeks back that he was tired of the same old stories with this team, that the same old problems never seem to go away. I didn't quite get what he was on about but it's pretty damn clear now.

Take these quotes from last night. The first comes from Alfie:

"I think we're a better team than we showed. It wasn't a great effort."

Really? You guys have been saying this for over a year now. Why wasn't it a great effort? What makes you think that you can beat anyone in the NHL with a half-assed effort? How many games do you need to lose to understand that? Have you looked at the standings lately? Maybe that's the problem, you think you're a better team than you are. If you really believe you are a better team than you showed then why don't you just go out and show it??!!?? And weren't the changes Murray made supposed to address the team's character so these type of things would never need to be said again? (This being said, I think Alfie is one of the few who are trying their best every night but even a Golden Gawd can't do it all by himself.)

The next quote comes from Hartsburg:

"I don't think we competed hard enough for 60 minutes."

If there is one thing a Sens' fan never EVER wants to hear again, that would be it. No other story line has worn as thin as that one. The time has come to put that quote to rest forever. The answer is as simple as this: If the players, or certain players, on this team can't find it in themselves and their enormous bank accounts to play a sixty minute game at maximum effort, THEN-FIND-SOME-WHO-WILL! Period. I've had it and I'm sure you all have too.

Enough is enough.