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S4 - Episode 16: Who’d Have Thunk It?

When Cory Clouston was hired to replace Craig Hartsburg, there were a lot of people who were not convinced he was the right choice as head coach for the Senators. While it is indeed still very early, you cannot argue with the results he has achieved. THREE STRAIGHT WINS! The first three game winning streak of the year for the Sens has the town buzzing and finally brings a little hope to the Underground.

Ottawa 3 – Buffalo 1
Ottawa 5 – Philly 3
Ottawa 5 – Minnesota 3

A second straight win against the slugs, a great performance the very next night against the Flyers and a remarkable come-back win against the Wild. Unlikely to say the least but you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone to complain about wins and great efforts coming from this year’s Sens. Except maybe Stooli, who’s still refusing to watch the games until he sees a trade which makes us kind of question why he bothers showing up for shows anymore. This week it seems to be strictly for the purpose of insulting various different members of our listener base. In advance, we’d like to apologize to all of you who are about to call him names. ( He really is just kidding.)

So, what could be the reason for this incredible about face the team has pulled? We’ll give you our various opinions on that as well as bad drivers and belly button lint in the return of Russell’s Rules To Life With No Exceptions. Also, we have the return of People are Stupid, courtesy of a call in.  Some discussion of the Paddock/Murray slapfest, questions about the Sens fitness level, the News and your e-mails all add up to an unexpected Episode 16 before Russell heads south for some snorkeling, golf and liver abuse.

Keep an eye on the website for news about of the next show. It may or may not happen before Russell’s return but if Shredder and Stooli feel compelled to spew forth their wisdom, they’ll let you know when to tune in.

If only we could all be as positive as MikeTravale. You’ll love his e-mail.


S4 - Episode 16: Who’d Have Thunk It?


S4 - Episode 15: Clouston, The T1000 Takes Over

What’s old is new again, even if he’s not old!

As you all know by now, the Craig Hartsburg era [era?] is over and yet another minor league coach, Bingo’s Cory Clouston, who looks an awful lot like the Terminator from T2, takes control of this leaky ship. Initially, this switch was not well received by Sens fans however you can’t help but admit that the team has shown some signs of life in the three games that Cory has been behind the bench:

Washington 7 – Ottawa 4
Los Angeles 1 – Ottawa 0
Boston 4 – Ottawa 3 SO
Buffalo 2 – Ottawa 3 SO

The last two games of this week gave Sens fans something we haven’t seen in a looooong time: EXCITEMENT! Now, the question we ask ourselves is are these early results simply the typical reaction of a team to a new coach or is there really something happening here? One thing for sure, none of the players seemed very upset about the change. What does that say about Hartsburg? What does it say about the players? How did Murray escape the blood-letting? Does Clouston stick around or is he simply a babysitter until season’s end? AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So many questions, so much flapping! Yes, we tackle them all and as you would expect, there are many different opinions on how this has all played out and where it may be leading.

It certainly didn’t take very long for Clouston’s apparent “no nonsense” approach to cause a headline. The spin doctors were quick to douse the flames but reports have Heatley possibly at odds with the new coach over his play. And poor Jason Spezza, I tell ya, he gets no respect! Even from no-name defensemen in Columbus.

Of course we have your e-mails, long-winded as they may be, the News, OH MY GOD!!! WHAT?? WHAT?? A HATER?! And the fallout from Showergate. Discretion isn’t always our strong point.

Anybody have a car for sale?

S4 - Episode 15: Clouston, The T1000 Takes Over


S4 - Episode 14: Michael Sharp Goes Underground!

We got ourselves a guest for this show. In this week’s Behind the Jock segment, we have Bingo reporter Michael Sharp, who writes for the Press and Sun-Bulletin in Binghamton. He can also be read online at Michael delves in the B-Sens with us, recapping the first half of their season, giving us some insight into some of the prospects we’ve seen and some we haven’t. He also tells us how Gerber is adjusting to his new digs. With not much to be hopeful for now in the big league, it’s always good to get a look at the future.

Then we have our boys. The record this week was 2-2 but even the wins didn’t thrill us:

Washington 2 – Ottawa 3
New Jersey 4 – Ottawa 1
Ottawa 3 – St.Louis 1
Ottawa 0 – Columbus 1

What no one will mistake the games this week for is entertainment. The Columbus game was as close to slow death as we ever want to come to. But we had some off ice stuff to spice up the week as Melnyk once again decided the world needed to hear from him and the response to his ill-chosen words was somewhat less than he expected. Let’s just say his pep talk “bombed”. Mike Commodore had some choice words for his old GM and team that caused a bit of a stir. Even some Sens players had some things to say after their Jersey loss that had us less than impressed. The first significant benching of the year, Jason Smith, stirs the Underground pot this episode. Lots of opinions on that. At least it all helps to distract from the poo on the ice.

News, emails, showers and the reason fathers tend to drink too much round out the show. And Russell WILL be keeping an eye on Stooli whenever his daughter is around from now on.

Cheers and Bawls!

S4 - Episode 14: Michael Sharp Goes Underground!


S4 - Episode 13: Just for the Hell of it, Elliot!

Hey again, Undergrounders! We’re back with your weekly, sort of, Ottawa Senators podcast and this week things are a little happier. WE FINALLY WON SOME GAMES!! Not only that, but the boys looked pretty damn good doing it!

Has hell frozen over? No, just Ottawa. Damn it’s cold! But after a decent week, our cockles are just a little bit warmer:

Ottawa 4 – Boston 6
New York rangers 2 – Ottawa 0
Carolina 1 – Ottawa 5
Ottawa 3 – Atlanta 2
Montreal 5 – Ottawa 4 SO

We got a little bit of everything out of the Sens this week, topped off by an incredible end to the Montreal game. The wins and excitement were a far cry from earlier in the week when we saw Hartsburg calling out the stars and Murray threatening big moves. Whenever trades get mentioned, it always seems that Jason Spezza is right in the middle of the talk but after his play of late, he really has given us, and especially Murray, a lot to think about. Your e-mails repeated asked the same question; can you risk losing this guy? We discuss.

What is no longer a question is Martin Gerber’s future. He’s off to Bingo and his days with the Sens are certainly done and maybe even his days in the NHL. But not before we get into one last rowdy tiff over him.

This, of course, lead to the recall of Brian Elliot from Bingo and the young man did just fine. We take a closer look at his debut.

Stooli does his thing with the news, a pile of e-mails and wee bit of silliness at the end of the show involving our love for you and facial hair.

Note to the Underground poolies: Don’t forget to e-mail me (Russell) sub picks before midnight Sunday, Jan. 25th.

Rise up Tank Army!

S4 - Episode 13: Just for the Hell of it, Elliot!


S4 - Episode 12: Nothing Changes on New Years Day

Let’s get this out of the way first. Happy New Year!

We here at the Underground hope 2009 will be a great year for all of you and your families and we certainly hope it’s started off better for you than it did for the Sens.

The road trip from hell is all but over and, as expected, the little team that couldn’t has very little to show for it. All our fears have come true as we have seen the Sens cement themselves further and further into the basement floor. Last place isn’t far now but that Tavares kid sure does look good!

Because of our extended time off, we have 7 games to cover this week:

Ottawa 4 – Philly 6
Ottawa 3 – Calgary 6
Ottawa 0 – Vancouver 3
Ottawa 3 – Edmonton 2
Ottawa 2 – Toronto 4
Ottawa 3 – Jersey 4
Ottawa 2 – Buffalo 4

Ahhh, the Buffalo game. Now there was a game you can sink your teeth into! Or at least Ruutooth thought so. That’s what it’s come to. The most entertainment we get now is when one of our players goes Tyson.

Apart from the regular e-mails, News and bitching, we take a look at the culture of the Ottawa Senators. What do we lack that some of the legendary teams have? Changes seem to be in the wind but what can Murray realistically do? Should he do anything? Should he be one of the changes? Can a dedicated Sens fan want their team to finish last and get that #1 pick? All these questions give us headaches this week. We also award the prize for the latest contest, “give the Sens a new logo”.  Lots of great entries on this one. We so proud of you all!

And speaking of proud, congrats to the Canadian Juniors, 5 time champions! You guys rock our world! Gold, Jerry, GOLD!

S4 - Episode 12: Nothing Changes on New Years Day