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S5 - Episode 2: The Short Show That Wasn't

You know how in the past whenever we said we expected a show to be short then it turned out as long or longer than normal? Well, same thing this week. It really seemed that when we looked at the show outline this week that it would be over in 40 minutes tops but alas, as always, we flapped our way randomly until the hour grew late.

Some of the flapped-upon topics are as follows:

Sens 2 - Rangers 5

Sens 2 - Burkie's Bozos 1

So, the season is under way and though the Sens certainly don't look like giant killers yet, there are signs that this team could make some noise this year. Early results from the crease are all positive as Leclaire has lived up to his billing. The offence seems a little lost at the moment but that just seems to be a matter of time until it comes around. The D is still a work in progress as Philips and A-Train (the REAL monster!) have been stellar but the supporting cast has been inconsistent. Still early, no worries.

As with any game with the Leafs, this one generated all sorts of side topics, including comparisons of the Sens and Habs as rivals to the Laffs, over-excited fan bases, the power of the Golden Gawd and a tale of beavers in Smogtown.

Also on tap, the one and only Alex the Great gets some air time this week as we discuss his Olympic desires and the possibility he may be getting a little high on himself. The Olympics themselves get the once over and Russell prods Shredder on Ray Emery's hot start... just 'cuz.

Stooli is in with the first edition of the News this season and he gets called out by an American for his use of a certain term that is now banned from the show, along with a few others icky words. A rule with no exception, pregnant chicks, daughters and the fathers they drive nuts, generous amounts of Alfie love and Leaf hating. Stir and enjoy.

S5 - Episode 2: The Short Show That Wasn't


S5 - Episode 1: Let's Get it Started In Here! 

Had enough of the summer? Then we got the ticket for you!

We are back with the first episode of season 5. Hope you all had a great off-season but it's time to polish off the iPods, fire-up iTunes, stock the beer fridge and join us for the next 6+ months of Undergrounding. We have new players to discuss, old players to curse, new groups of people to offend and we get to all of it in the season opener plus so much more.

We start off by recapping our summers (riveting stuff) then tell you about some of the things you can expect from the show this year. But of course, the meat of the show is all about the changes to the team and what we can expect from the boys this year. Michalek, Cheechoo, Heatley, Kovalev, Carkner, Regin, Karlson, Leclaire...holy crap! Talk about changes! And we do, but go figure even this wasn't enough to make Stooli happy. However, at least he's vowing to watch this year, if only for awhile anyways.

We also take a quick look at some other topics of note such as Matts Pumpkinhead's retirement, Theo Fleury's "comeback", The Phoenix debacle and the genius that is Bagpipes Burke and the Phil Kessel deal. In case you're wondering, we predict a season of suckage out of T.O. Shocked, are you? Your e-mails and a medical tip from Stooli that brings the show to a screeching halt.

It's good to be back behind the mics again and we look forward to hearing from all of you lifers and you new folks too.  For the first time in awhile, it can be argued that the Sens are looking up so we're looking forward to happier times in the Underground. Break out the Bawls and brush off your Leafs taunts; we're back on the air!

PS- Don't forget to get your hockey pool picks in asap!

S5 - Episode 1: Let's Get it Started In Here!


Sens Underground Hockey Pool 5.0

Yessir, it's that time! Due to overwhelming demand, from both of you, we shall once again run the Sens Underground hockey pool this season.

Same rules apply as last year. Pick any 25 players, 2 spares, no goalies. 1 point for a goal, 1 for an assist, 1 for a short handed goal and 1 for a game winning goal. As with last year, you can only pick 5 of the top 10 scorers from last year.  But here's another twist for this season: since everyone will pick Crosby, Ovechkin and Malkin, they will be exempt. For you Leafs fans, that means don't pick them! (don't be the dumbass I have to e-mail and tell that you can't have them, pick someone else!) That should help make the teams a little more different from each other and create more movement. 

Here are the top 10 point getters from last season after the 3 you can't have. Remember, you can only pick 5 of these players:

1- Datsyuk 97
2- Parise 94
3- Kovalchuk 91
4- Getzlaf 91
5- Iginla 89
6- Marc Savard 88
7- Backstrom 88
8- Joe Thorton 86
9- Jeff Carter 84
10- Cammalleri 82

As always, there will be a re-draft at the All-star break, Olympic break this year, where you will be able to drop 2 players and sub in your two spares, if you wish. You will drop all the points of the player you replace and you will get all the points that your sub has to that point.

Please have your picks in to me before 7 pm, Thursday night, Oct. 1st. Winner will get to attend Stooli's next tattoo session. Ok, maybe we'll dig something else up for you too.

I will post the pool on and send you the login info.

Good luck and let's see who has the bawls to pick Heatley!


First Episode Coming This Wednesday!

We've heard the cry and we respond!

The first episode of season 5 will be recorded this Wednesday night! We just had our pre-season meeting to hash things out and we have some really cool ideas that we hope to make happen this year. I won't go into too much detail just yet as I don't want to ruin the surprise. Plus we have to see if we can actually pull them off and if we can, how fast we can make them happen. What I will tell you is that if all goes as planned, you are all in for a lot of interesting new additions to the show. We'll go into more detail on the show this week.

Get your rants and raves in quick! I know you all have a million things you want to cover to kick off the year so bring it on! Emails or phone meassages, we take 'em all! It's going to be a barn burner, I can feel it!

Man, we miss you knuckleheads. Take a deep breath. Here we go again!




Pushing from the Bottom

It’s nice to see that the Senators have something brewing.

For the most part I’ve been hard pressed to remember a time when the prospects have pushed the current NHLer’s this hard. We all know that some previous administrations seemed to overlook the “new guys” during training camp, mistakenly relying on the ability to “trade up” to a better team if the one they chose didn’t work out.

Let’s try and forget how “good” this has worked in the past and focus on what the Senators have been doing the past few seasons...

The Senators have been building a future that, in my opinion, will be very exciting to watch and cheer for. A Senators team that is, essentially, being pushed from the bottom.



Pushing from the bottom - just like your younger days (or current days for you young folk) when you thought you were too tired to drag your Sled to the top of the hill for the 100th time. You dropped the little pull cord into the snow and started pushing from the back, easily finishing the job of reaching the apex of that hill. Boy was that last ride sweet... it kind of made you want to push your way back up again. Most times your mother’s voice eliminated this thought, but I digress...

Here’s hoping that with the “new guys” pushing from the bottom the Senators can take us all back to that very special place where you felt that they, not only could, but would try and win every game that they played.

I’m content to watch this season with the eyes of a newborn Sens fan. I’m pressing the reset button when October 3rd comes. What kind of state is your fan mentality in as this season approaches?