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SCU Season 2 - Episode 11: Another Jekyll and Hyde Week

The results on the ice continue to waver and there doesn’t seem to be a clear front runner as a constant in goal. 

  • Wild 4 at Sens 3
  • Sens 2 at Red Wings 4
  • Sens 1 at Hurricanes 4

Not much happens news wise with the Sens, except for the Rangers declining taking a pile of spare parts for Del Zotto, but we look at the news of the new Canadian National TV contract. Pan does more math with the Forbes article on valuations and we read no e-mail.

SCU Season 2 - Episode 11: Another Jekyll and Hyde Week


SCU Season 2 - Episode 10: Just Keep Digging

The Sens still struggle in the win column and everyone tries to look for answers. In those answers are a variety of trade rumours that have come out - most of which are laughable.

  • Bruins 2 @ Sens 4
  • BJs 4 @ Sens 1
  • Flyers 5 @ Sens 2


Lots of e-mails to read through this week and we’re Ready For More!

SCU Season 2 - Episode 10: Just Keep Digging


SCU Season 2 - Episode 9: Everything Looks Great Until You Get Kicked in the Pills

The first two games in the past week were great, but then all happiness gets torn away:

  • Habs 1 @ Sens 4
  • Panthers 2 @ Sens 3
  • Flyers 5 @ Sens 0 


Lots of goalie talk, more line up stuff and discussion on attendance.  We’re joined by Jade Fair from the Ottawa Senators to talk about the Sens Student Union deals.  You can follow them on twitter at @SensUnion or on their site at:

Kardinal and Pan argue (again) about free agents from the summer and a little on Alfie (yes, again). We look around the league, touch on who’s hired and fired and answer a couple e-mails.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about us to help the show grow AND e-mail us at and let us know what you think the team will look like after this, being the 3rd year of a 3 year rebuild.

SCU Season 2 - Episode 9: Everything Looks Great Until You Get Kicked in the Pills


SCU Season 2 - Episode 8: Shawn McKenzie Calls Up!

This week was better in results for the Sens:

  • Islanders 5 @ Sens 4 (SO)
  • Stars 4 @ Sens 3 (SO)
  • Sens 4 @ BJs 1


Kardinal and Pan disagree as always and rehash Alfie (again), look at lines and lots of talk on Chris Neil. We also get into it so much that we call upon an expert, Shawn McKenzie from SportsNet to talk about recent Sens news.

Lots of talk from around the league and looking ahead, we also have the pleasure of speaking with Paige Lewis of Panther Parkway - you can follow her at @PaigeLewisFL

It will be an exciting week ahead and we look forward to your reactions. E-mail us at


SCU Season 2 - Episode 8: Shawn McKenzie Calls Up!


SCU Season 2 - Episode 7: Grady Whittenberg Calls Up

This has been an abysmal week on the ice with very poor efforts. The lack of effort flows through our game recaps.

  • Ducks 2 @ Sens 1
  • Sharks 5 @ Sens 2
  • Sens 5 @ Blackhawks 6


After trying to find some answers on the team and roster, we speak with Grady Whittenberg, the voice of the Binghampton Senators. We have lots of rants this week and talk about Pan’s best friend right now - Chris Neil

Another quick spin around the league as we stop at Buffalo to point and laugh. We read a couple e-mails and look forward to hearing from you and finding out where the groundhogs are hiding. E-mail us at and follow us on twitter at @SensCallups

SCU Season 2 - Episode 7: Grady Whittenberg Calls Up