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S5 - Episode 7: Friday Night Fights!

Well, it's a few days late but episode 7 is now ready to go. The swine flu walloped Shredder's family this week so we had to delay a bit but we think it's worth the wait and that's even without Stooli who took the night off to deal with some family issues of his own.

This is the first show this year that we have actually had a lot of hockey to talk about:

Tampa 2 - Sens 3 OT
Devils 3 - Sens 2
Oilers 3 - Sens 4 Shoot out
Sens 1 - Philly 5

It was a pretty rocky week for the Sens. Certainly not their best display by far and a week that brought with it the first bit of controversy we've seen this year. And go figure, most of it is centered on our goaltending! What would the Sens be without some goalie debate? Russell and Shredder go toe to toe on Leclaire's recent struggles but he's not the only one getting heat this week. Kovatard has firmly planted himself in the doghouse with his continued indifferent play but he also raises a bigger question for Clouston: how does he handle this guy and not lose his new-found respect with the other players?

We also take a look at Murray's comments about looking for another player but we question if he's looking for the right guy? Do we really need another forward or should we be boosting up an obviously under-manned blue line?

Russell's had it with Ruutu and Shredder is still no fan of Kuba, and he might be gathering-up supporters for his cause. With A-train out, Kuba has not stepped up and that has certainly exposed the AHL-3. The Sens seem to have gotten themselves on the wrong side of the refs this year and this last batch of games sure has made it very evident that discipline is a problem. This seems surprising but there they are, bottom of the league. We rant away on this topic for awhile.

Russell takes shot at the News, we read your e-mails, congratulate a long time Groundhog for bringing a new listener to the show and we read a beautiful love note to Fisher from his love.

We'll be back to our regular schedule next Wednesday at 9 pm. And guess what? NO tech issues this week!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Oh, Scarface is on! Gotta go!


S5 - Episode 7: Friday Night Fights!


Episode 7 To Be Recorded Tonight.

Hey folks. We're back on the air tonight. Sorry for the pig flu related delay. Tonight's show will be an audio podcast only, no live video stream this week. Also, we'll be without Stooli as he attends to some family matters. Look for us back at our regular time next Wednesday at 9 pm.

Thanks. Leafs suck.


This Week's Show Delayed...

Hey everyone,

My little family has gone through a tuff time these past few days.  My wife and son got the flu (probably H1N1) last Friday and are just now finally getting over it.  On Sunday, it was my daughter's turn to get it and it finally hit me on Monday.

Although I am feeling much better today, I'm not really up to doing a show tonight.  Plus, it's probably best that we delay the show anyway and avoid the risk of passing on this nasty bug to StooLi and Russell.

Not sure yet when we'll record the next show but we'll aim to get it out by the end of the week sometime.  Will give everyone a heads-up for those of you who like to watch the live streams.



S5 - Episode 6: We're getting Closer!

Another week and we're a little bit closer to making this whole thing work. The live stream went off without a hitch this week and we managed to record the podcast, albeit not the way we had planned. This time, it was more of a brain fart on Shredder's part but there IS a podcast this week.

Episode 6 finds us half dead from various illnesses but there was NO WAY we weren't going to produce this week. Stooli and Russell are fresh off a night with Metallica and their concert review gets the show off to a rockin' start. Then Russell sings the praise of a new band from Winnipeg he caught over the weekend called Domenica ( When did this become a music podcast?

Fear not, there is Sens hockey to be heard this week. We cover both their games from the past 7 days:

Sens 2 - Tampa 5
Atlanta 3 - Sens 1

A couple more losses that may normally cause concern but we're gonna say that they had a lot to do with the injuries to Spezz and A-train. Not to say there weren't some things that had us staring blankly at our TV screens, namely more slow starts and the lack of anyone stepping up to fill in for Spezza. Some feel our wrath while others are praised. Anyone else sick of Tampa yet?

In the Open Ice segment we discuss Eugene's attempt at reclaiming his moolah from Dany Doucher, which leads into an epic rant between Stooli and Shredder that may take some time to make any sense out of, the disappointing play of Kovalev and Cheechoo, the missing link on Ottawa's defense and the massive suspension handed out by the OHL this week. Stooli's news, e-mails, Tylenol and chuckles. What else could you want from a podcast?

We felt much better about the show this week. We think we have a pretty good handle now on how to balance the live video feed and the podcast. It felt much more comfortable and smooth this time around and we're sure it's just going to get better and better and if we can ever get all the gear to work properly, there will be no stopping us! Once again, we want to say thanks to all of you for your patience as we learn to master this new endeavour.

Master? Master! Obey your master! Yeah yeahhhhhhhhYAH!

S5 - Episode 6: We're getting Closer!


Change in Schedule...

For all of you who like to tune-in to the live stream of our recordings, streaming will now begin at 9:00 PM on Wednesday nights rather than at 8:00 PM.

Also, I will be using the old set-up for recording the shows until the technical issues I'm experiencing on my new iMac are resolved.

I apologize once again for last week's lost episode... still pretty pissed about that!!