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S5 - Episode 11: Spezza and Floatalev Lost in Snow!

Maybe that's the way they could spin things down at the Scotia Bank Place! The first blizzard of the year claimed our two missing hot shots! That's why they are nowhere to be found...  but we did find Stooli this week!

No, it's going to take more than soft, little snowflakes to explain the money Eugene Dangerfield is wasting on these two and by his comments in the press this week, he's getting a little tired of scratching those ginormous cheques for nothing. Can you blame him? Look at the results from the last week that he has to show for his investment:

Sens 2 - Coyotes 3
Sens 4 - Duck 3 (SO)
Habs 4 - Sens 1

No, you can never blame a loss strictly on one or two guys but you can certainly point to them as the main culprits in the no-show departments. The piling on of Spezza and Kovatard this week is excessive but they have run out of mulligans as far as the Underground is concerned. A look at some stats and a few dumb-ass comments by the "One Who Floats" only fires up our rage.

Murray also lets loose with some heavy handed criticism this week... which was very surprising but very true. We just wonder if it is productive or not? Whatever, we like it!

We take a look this week at a disturbing lack of depth in the organization as far as future star forwards go. Maybe not right now, but this could be a big problem in the not so distant future.

While we're star bashing this week, we throw in a little Tiger spanking (but he'd probably like that!), StooLi reveals his new infatuation, your e-mails and a some other truly useless time fillers.

Stay out of the snowbanks and enjoy the show.

S5 - Episode 11: Spezza and Floatalev Lost in Snow!


S5 - Episode 10: The Underground, C'est Beau!!

It's a big night in the Underground. Tonight, we announced a major event in the history on the show, something we've been working towards for 5 years: WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL BEER SUPPLIER!!!!! WOOT! WOOT!

Thanks to some handy connections, we have struck an arrangement for Beau's Beer, a local brewery from Vankleek Hill, Ontario, to be the official beer supplier of the Sens Underground. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship and we hope something we can grow into all sorts of cool things in the future.

Now, on to hockey. The Sens took off for the west coast this week and we cover 4 games:

Columbus 1 - Sens 2
Sens 3 - Bruins 4 (SO)
Sens 2 - Doucher's Sharks 5
Sens 3 - Kings 6

If you just go by the results, things don't look so good but over all, there were a lot of good things the Sens did this week. Unfortunately, they undid many of them too. Spotty defense, more bad penalties and some more no-shows from important players cost them some games they could have won.

Who were these no-shows? The main targets this week were Kuba, Elliot, Floatalev and, once again, Spezza. Some of these players could be defended but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone with much good to say about Jason this week. It looks like his back is really holding him, well, back but does that explain it all? And if so, should he really be playing? This is a major topic in this episode. So is Elliot and Clouston's public criticism of his play. Was this the right move by the coach? We discuss.

Clouston also made headlines this week by benching Foligno but many question if it was the right choice. We are no different but is there a motive to his madness?

There is praise this week too. Michalek's stock continues to rise, as does Fisher's. Philips had a great week too. Cheech is looking better and so is Shannon. We also discuss the return of Karlson to the line-up.

In Open Ice, we discuss grumblings from our listeners about a certain past Underground guest who has been rubbing some folks the wrong way. Then we go through a plethora of e-mails and voice mails. You guys rock!

Once again, we are without Stooli as he continues to support his ailing Father. Hopefully, he will re-join us next week.

Until then, please visit Beau's website to find the nearest watering hole that has it on tap. If they don't, ask them why the hell not! Tell 'em the Underground sent you.

S5 - Episode 10: The Underground, C'est Beau!!


S5 - Episode 9: Good Times, Bad Times.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Kicking the crap out of three top contenders in your conference rocks. Losing a whole bunch of players to stupid injuries sucks. And not having Stooli along for the ride this week also sucks. But being third in the conference is cool!

Shredder and Russell go at it alone this week, as crazy a week as you're likely to see this year. First of all, who'd have thunk that the Sens would be able to find that elusive top gear at just the right time:

Pens 2 - Sens 6
Buffalo 3 - Sens 5
Capitals 3 - Sens 4 OT
Sens 1 - Devils 3

For a team that was struggling to beat bottom feeders, they sure pulled it all together at the right time. A dominating win against the cup champions, a convincing victory over the slugs and then a miraculous come-back overtime win over the Capitals had Sens fans smiling and believing again. Yeah, there was the Devils thing but that was after the Gods became angry. 

You really have to think sometimes this team is cursed, at least as far as goalies are concerned. We finally find a solid, dependable starting goalie, one smart enough to sit out and rest a marginal injury and POW! Right in the kisser! A month without Pascal has us debating what the Sens' chances are over this next tough stretch with Elliot leading the way.

Injuries also struck down several other Sens this week. Poor old Donovan, that's just not fair. He gets his chance, makes the most of it and now he's gone long-term with a terrible knee injury. That's just wrong, we tell ya. Then Fisher, talk about a guy who has everything going for him, missing games with a fluke injury in practice. Tonight, Neil, who has been stellar, joins the list of wounded. For the record, THIS SUCKS and is a major topic this week. 

We take a look at how the Sens are doing, stats-wise at the quarter-pole in Open Ice and find that it's actually pretty impressive in most areas. An impromptu discussion about the struggles of Jason Spezza leads to some brillaint insight and some Underground conspiracy theories. We received lots of e-mail this we and we butcher almost all of them (We strive for consistency!). A couple of voice-mails and a teaser about a big announcement coming next week. And a look ahead at the week to come including the anticipated return of A-Train and the Sens only game this season vs Dany Doucher.

It's gonna rock!

S5 - Episode 9: Good Times, Bad Times.


S5 - Episode 8: Back to Normal

After a week where things weren't quite as they should be in the Underground, things seem to have returned to some semblance of normalcy.

Stooli is back, so are Russell and Shredder (at least in the sense of sobriety) and the Sens beat the Leafs. Yes, everything is as it should be.

As we settled back into our regular format this week, cursing at U-Stream all the way, we have but one game to cover in this show:

Laffs 2 - Sens 3

Yes, any win is a good win, especially over these knobs, but we can't say we were thrilled with how difficult it was. This was a game where the boys needed an incredible bounce back game from Leclaire just to barely scrape past the Clowns from Smogtown. However, what it lacked in beauty, it made up for in entertainment as a little of the old hatred snuck back in this week. We discuss the fights, the goals, Fisher's continued excellence and the sub-par play of Alfie and Spezza, amongst others (We smell injuries here). Enjoy it now folks, there are some real good teams coming to town and as we discuss, there may be a tough road ahead.

Before we totally dismiss the hated ones, we must have the mandatory conversation about their idiot fans and their tired act in our barn. They have become such an enema to us that it now appears they are having an adverse effect on ticket sales.  And why are there so many young kids cheering for those losers? All topics we banter about.

We also take a quick look at Pierre McGuire's preview of the Olympic team and some surprises on the bubble, not to mention an outside chance that Mr. Underwood is making himself a darkhorse for a checker's role.

You responded to our call for listener feedback with many emails and voice mails. Well done, Groundhogs! Top it all off with a visit from an old friend of the Underground, Stuntman Stu, public address announcer for the Ottawa Senators and local media dude. He has an interesting new charity idea in support of the Sens Foundation and he drops by to tell us about it. We, being the fine, outstanding citizens that we are, are more than happy to help him promote his cause.

Hope you enjoy the show. Cheers!

S5 - Episode 8: Back to Normal


S5 - Episode 7 1/2: Cougars, Cougars, rah rah rah!!!

You've been asking for it for years, well here it is, the first ever drunken episode.

Shredder and Russell hit the town Saturday with their friend Howie and several hours later, Shredder decided it would be a great idea to record themselves after many hours staggering up and down Elgin St. in Ottawa. For better or for worse, this is the result.

Now, we know this is not going to impress many of you but you have to understand, after an uncountable number of Florida Track Suits, we... don't... care. 

We cover one stinking game:

N.Y.Rangers 2 - Sens 1 (SO)

Yes, we babble our way through a recap of this afternoon's game and all things considered, we think we did pretty well. But the majority of the show is really talking about our debauchery and ill-will towards the losers we encountered this night. You know, being married is really a good thing, all considered.

Disclaimer: excessive consumption of alcohol is a bad thing and we do not condone it. Ever. Under any circumstances. Especially when you are recording for the world to hear.

Cougars, Cougars, rah rah rah!!!

S5 - Episode 7 1/2: Cougars, Cougars, rah rah rah!!!