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S5 - Episode 17: The RSA Goes Underground.

A 7 game winning streak, the team is more or less healthy, all the pieces are in place and everything is clicking. These are fine times to be a Sens fan.

So in honour of that, we have as our guest this week someone who represents what may be the best group of Sens fans out; the Real Sens Army. A gentleman by the name of Michael, a member of RSA, joins us this week and he has an interesting story to tell about his group and their adventures at Sens games. You're gonna love what these guys are doing and what they're all about. It is also a nice trip back, for us, to our roots as supporters of the Senators fans internet community. The Underground and RSA just belong together!

As for the team themselves, another fantastic week of three more wins:

St.Louis 2 - Sens 3
Sens 2 - Boston 1
Devils 0 - Sens 3

Not only do they keep on knocking off the teams that have traditionally given them a hard time, they are chasing the best goalies in the league from their crease! Marty Brodeur was the latest victim of this revitalized Sens team, joining Pillsbury dough boy Thomas on the pine-polishing list. Quick! Someone throw us another sucka!

Good moods all around tonight but that didn't stop us from getting into a heated debate about, go figure, goaltending. Only on the Underground can you disagree on a goalie that has 5 straight wins, a goals against in those games of 1.00 and was the NHL's 1st star of the week but Elliot's stellar performance of late is still a hot topic. You'll love this one.

Other topics in tonight's Open Ice segment include A-train and his impending UFA status. Cormier's suspension by the QHL, the Vancouver-CBC rumble, what to do with Winchester when he's healthy, why the injuries to our star players may well be a blessing in disguise, possible moves by the Sens at the trade deadline and a look at some stats for the last decade and where the Sens figure in them.

We read a ton of your e-mails and play a couple of voice mails, one of which just might be the funniest we've ever received. Finally, we reveal more details about the upcoming Sens Underground get together on February 13th. Don't miss it! 

Russell will be away next week on his honeymoon, soaking up the sun. While he's doing that, all you Sens fans should sit back and soak up the good vibes this winning streak has brought to Ottawa. It's been a long time since the team has looked this good and you fans deserve to enjoy every moment of it. Bask, we say, bask!!!

S5 - Episode 17: The RSA Goes Underground.


S5 - Episode 16: Or Not Slipping Away!

Listen, we have no idea anymore what to expect from the Sens. Last week the play-offs looked like they were in serious jeopardy. This week, the sky's the limit! Last week, no goalies. This week, maybe too many! It's enough to drive a podcast to drink!

Things look a whole lot better this week after 4 shocking victories against some very strong competition:

Sens 2 - Rangers 0
Sens 4 - Habs 2
Sens 5 - Tim Thomas 1
Chicago 1 - Sens 4

WHAT??!! WHAT!!?? You really expect us to believe any of you saw that coming? Four straight wins, including the Bruins and Thomas AND Chicago? That's craaaaazy talk I tell ya! But it really did happen! So, the question this week is why? There seems to be some disagreement about what was the true reason for the revival. Was it the return of the Golden Gawd Alfie? Was it the sudden emergence of solid goaltending, including that of new star on the block, Mike Brodeur? Did the team just finally pull it together or was it a little of everything?

So much love to spread around this week. Alfie's return was nothing short of golden as his 6 point in 2 games demonstrated. Brodeur and Elliot showed us why hockey is all about goaltending. Karlson continues to dazzle, Neil was a force, Fisher is back on the score board, it goes on and on. The team is getting healthy again but that means players who have contributed are going to have to sit. We discuss the good and the bad of the return of the wounded and who may have to take a seat upstairs. 

In Open Ice, we discuss the Sutton and Cormier hits, Mike Peca, Ron McLean's fall from grace, read your e-mails (badly) and defend our honour. Stooli, as always, has his News segment. 

Isn't it good to smile again, groundhogs?

This one is for Spike.  What a sweetheart he was.

S5 - Episode 16: Or Not Slipping Away!


S5 - Episode 15: Slipping Away?

That's the horrible, lingering thought on every Sens fans' mind this week; are the play-offs slipping away on us? Death by a thousand cuts seems to best describe what's happening to the team right now as everything that could go wrong, is going wrong, be it injuries, bad luck, bad play or unreliable goaltending.

Ah, there's the big topic of the week: goalies. You can say things may be different if not for (fill in the blank) but the "fact of the matter is" nothing is going to save the season except... well... SAVES!

This week has been a complete and total disaster for the Sens:

Sens 2 - Caps 5
Sens 0 - Panthers 3
Sens 1 - Canes 4
Sens 1 - Atlanta 6

For those of you counting at home, in the last 3 games, the Sens have been out-scored 13-2 by eastern bottom feeders. Those were the easy games. YIKES!

The goaltending problems hit critical mass this week as the softies kept pouring in. Ultimately, it cost Eli Wilson his job, as we speculated it might in our last show. We discuss the ramifications of this move and what the chances are that it might actually help.

Like everyone else, we watched the Burrows-Auger drama play out this week with more than a passing interest. As you know, reffing is always a sore spot with us at the Underground and we feel this incident had the potential to be a real landmark moment for the league. We express our thoughts on the less than shocking outcome of the whole affair. It also leads us into a deeper conversation on the entire culture of the NHL. Also discussed is the potential for some veterans to see themselves as trade bait should this ship continue to sink. 

Stooli has the News, we read your e-mails, play a voice-mail and announce an upcoming Sens Underground get-together with the Groundhogs. You'll want to tune in to get the info on that! 

Until then, tune into this episode. You'll love it, trust us! Have we ever lied to you?

S5 - Episode 15: Slipping Away?


S5 - Episode 14: Ian Mendes Goes Underground.

Happy new year!

Long time friend of the Underground, Ian Mendes of Sportsnet, joins us this week for the first time this season. Lots of fun in this interview as we cover various topics including goaltending, the first half of the season and the locker room, not to mention Carrie's effects on Fish. (Ok, that last part was our doing)

We cover 4 games this week:

Avalanche 4 - Sens 3
Isles 2 - Sens 3 SO
Philly 4 - Sens 7
Bruins 4 - Sens 1

Some totally unexpected stuff this week (Philly) and some not-so unexpected (losing to the Bruins). Kovalev had the game of his career against Philly and as you might expect, it sparked some debate this week about our various perceptions of his impact on the team as a whole.

As always at this time of year, the World Juniors put on a show and we discuss the Canadian's oh-so-close finish to the States. An annual classic, this year was no exception however the NHL's scheduling dept. needs to put some thought into games on the same night as the finals. We share our thoughts on this brilliant spectacle.

Also up for debate this week are Eli Wilson and suspect net minding on his watch, the immergence of Chris Kelly as the most popular Senator in the Underground, a People are Stoopid segment, Stooli's News and your e-mails.

Beau's in your hands, Bawls in your mouths and monkeys on the ice! Damn, this is a show you need to hear!

S5 - Episode 14: Ian Mendes Goes Underground.


S5 - Episode 13: Happy New Year!

We'll say that now and get it out of the way because there's not a whole lot of joy in this episode. Who can feel good when Alfie is out for a month? "Ain't no sunshine when he's gone..." sing it with us...

Yes, these are dark days for the Sens but there is some good news in the Underground as Stooli makes his triumphant return to the show. During this episode we recap 6 freakin' games:

Sens 2 - NJ 4
Wild 1 - Ar-Sens-nists 4
Boston 2 - Sens 0
Sens 2 - Pens 8
Sens 3 - Slugs 2 SO
Habs 2 - Sens 4

As you might suspect, the Pittsburgh game is the one that gets the most air time this show. We go on and on about the hit on Alfie, the reffing and the shameful lack of response by the team after the hit. This topic spun out of control and even ended-up touching on the the fact that no one ever seems to stand up for Alfie and what this might say about him and his teammates.

We somehow got on to the old topic of Chara and his departure from Ottawa. Amazing how this is still such a worthy discussion for Sens fans. God, we miss him. Also, bad news for those of you sick of the "refs suck" debate. We really lay into them this week but they deserve every last bit of it!

In the Open Ice segment,  Russell gets confused about attendance issues and bails out, we call on you to help us determine if drunken, obnoxious fans are mainly the visiting team's fans and, of course, we take a quick look at the Olympic selections. And, the News returns with Stooli.  

Have a safe and crazy new years, Groundhogs!

S5 - Episode 13: Happy New Year!