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S5 - Episode 20: Go Sens/Canada Go!

For the next 2 weeks, we switch our allegiances from our home town to our country. Before we head off on our break to watch the Canadians bring home the gold, where it belongs, we bring you one last show to catch you up on all the big news out of Ottawa this week, including:

Caps 5 - Sens 6
Sens 1 - Detroit 4
Sens 4 - Isles 3

After going toe-to-toe with the Mighty Capitals and coming out on top, the Sens went on to 2 sub-par performances but managed to get one win out of it. Let's mark it up to looking forward to the O-break. The important thing is they finished on a positive note.

There was lots of news off the ice this week as Murray had his option year picked up and signed on to be GM for at least one more year and this sparked a very well thought-out, intelligent, cohesive discussion. WE KNOW! We were surprised too!

Murray then went on to dispose of PEE-card and a 2nd rounder to, who else, Carolina for versatile veteran Matt Cullen. We all agree this was a solid move but we all also agree it must be leading to at least one more deal for a D-man. The question is, what type of D-man will Murray get and who might be packaged to bring him in? The future of poor ol' Cheech is also discussed as well as the likely plans for A-train.

Of course, we speak of the Olympics, the SU get together from last weekend (where we raised $270 for the Rene Faucher Fund), enjoyed some Beau's and made some new friends with the ground hogs. Stooli has the News, we have an e-mail and another voice mail from a British listener who sounds suspiciously like an old jewish woman from Florida.

Hockey Poolies, don't forget to get your subs in to Russell before the end of the Olympic break!

See you in two weeks. GO CANADA GOLD!


S5 - Episode 20: Go Sens/Canada Go!


S5 - Episode 19: The A.D.D. Show.

Seems like we couldn't stay on one subject tonight. This show was swinging back and forth like a banana hammock, something that Russell had his fill of down in Punta Cana. When will you Euros ever learn?

Yes, Russell is back this week, just in time to see the winning streak come to an end in sucky fashion to the Leaftards. But there were 2 other games in there worth talking about:

Coconuts 1 - Sens 3
Sens 0 - Leafs 5 (huh?!)
Flames 2 - Sens 3

Go figure they knock off some of the best teams in the league for a month then lose to the doormats. It always sucks to fall to those fools but there is a silver lining to the loss. We explain.

Of course, the Olympics are a topic this week and we look at who scares us, what to do about Getzlaf and why we're suddenly pumped-up about the coming games.

We also discuss the Kovalchuk and Lehtonen trades, Ovechkin destroying Hal Gill, another Ray Emery incident, an update on the Sens Underground get-together this weekend, StooLi reads the News and we have your e-mails.

Look at all the good stuff we give you, just not in an organized fashion this week! Sometimes we get distracted by the pretty colours.

S5 - Episode 19: The A.D.D. Show.


Ovechkin MURDERS Gill!


S5 - Episode 18: Rub-a-Dub-Dub...

Russell is away on his PIGMAN honeymoon and StooLi did WHAT?

Holy crap we are on a 10 game win streak and Jason Spezza is the teams GO TO guy?  Who’s freaking Ottawa Senators are we watching?

Shredder and StooLi mourn the loss of Dion and as always ramble on over the Spezza goal streak, the Cowan Signing, Karlsons new Jesus status and as always the non-goalie .  Oh yeah and the 3 wins this week

Sens 4 – Pittsburg 1
Montreal 2 – Sens 3
Sens 4 – Buffalo 2

Ya BABY 10 in a ROW!   Bring it Vancouver, the Leafs suck!

One has to wonder what Russell is doing right now?  Hmmmmmm

S5 - Episode 18: Rub-a-Dub-Dub...


S5 - Episode 17: The RSA Goes Underground.

A 7 game winning streak, the team is more or less healthy, all the pieces are in place and everything is clicking. These are fine times to be a Sens fan.

So in honour of that, we have as our guest this week someone who represents what may be the best group of Sens fans out; the Real Sens Army. A gentleman by the name of Michael, a member of RSA, joins us this week and he has an interesting story to tell about his group and their adventures at Sens games. You're gonna love what these guys are doing and what they're all about. It is also a nice trip back, for us, to our roots as supporters of the Senators fans internet community. The Underground and RSA just belong together!

As for the team themselves, another fantastic week of three more wins:

St.Louis 2 - Sens 3
Sens 2 - Boston 1
Devils 0 - Sens 3

Not only do they keep on knocking off the teams that have traditionally given them a hard time, they are chasing the best goalies in the league from their crease! Marty Brodeur was the latest victim of this revitalized Sens team, joining Pillsbury dough boy Thomas on the pine-polishing list. Quick! Someone throw us another sucka!

Good moods all around tonight but that didn't stop us from getting into a heated debate about, go figure, goaltending. Only on the Underground can you disagree on a goalie that has 5 straight wins, a goals against in those games of 1.00 and was the NHL's 1st star of the week but Elliot's stellar performance of late is still a hot topic. You'll love this one.

Other topics in tonight's Open Ice segment include A-train and his impending UFA status. Cormier's suspension by the QHL, the Vancouver-CBC rumble, what to do with Winchester when he's healthy, why the injuries to our star players may well be a blessing in disguise, possible moves by the Sens at the trade deadline and a look at some stats for the last decade and where the Sens figure in them.

We read a ton of your e-mails and play a couple of voice mails, one of which just might be the funniest we've ever received. Finally, we reveal more details about the upcoming Sens Underground get together on February 13th. Don't miss it! 

Russell will be away next week on his honeymoon, soaking up the sun. While he's doing that, all you Sens fans should sit back and soak up the good vibes this winning streak has brought to Ottawa. It's been a long time since the team has looked this good and you fans deserve to enjoy every moment of it. Bask, we say, bask!!!

S5 - Episode 17: The RSA Goes Underground.