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This Week's Show Delayed Until Friday!

Shredder said he was going to see Carrie's underwear or something at the Scotia Bank Place tonight so no show until Friday. Until then, Please enjoy Kittens and Boobies!


S5 - Episode 22: Doug MacLean Goes Underground.

This week we are joined by Rogers Sportsnet's Hockey Central host and former NHL gm and coach, Doug MacLean. We approached this interview not really knowing what to expect. Doug is one of those polarizing figures in hockey. People like this, however, generally give the best interviews as they have strong opinions. His chat with us was no exception. It was great and we think you're gonna love it. Our favourite part was before we started recording, Doug said, "What is this, anyways?" 

And then, the bad news; the week that was for the Sens:

Snes 0 - Calgary 2
Snes 1 - Canooks 5
Leaks 4 - Snes 1

Ok, they did NOT just lose again to those idiots! Oh, yes they did!! How, we have no idea. It's just so inexplicable how the team that went on that run before the Olympics looks so bad now and could lose to a team as pathetic as the Laffs twice in two weeks. It's down-right humiliating, we tell ya! And we do. 

Also on the menu tonight, we discuss Ovechkin and his on-going battle with the Law in the NHL, Steve Downie's ongoing battle with his brain and Michael Lansberg's leaf-tarded hatred of all things Sens.

E-mails, boxers shorts, News, know the drill.

S5 - Episode 22: Doug McLean Goes Underground.


S5 - Episode 21: Back by Popular Demand! (and threats)

After our self-imposed two week Olympic break, we return to the Underground. As you may have noticed, there were a few things that happened while we were away. We skipped right over all those and went straight to the bodily functions sounds.

Ok, so maybe we did spend a little time talking Sens, starting with their four games since the Olympics:

Rangers 4 - Snes 1
Canes (not Chelios') 4 - Snes 1
Retards 2 - Sickly Snes 1 SO
Healthy Snes 4 - Oilers 1

Not the greatest of starts for the Snes after the break, something we were worried about, losing the momentum they had. Then, throw a flu in on top of it against the dirty ones and you have a pretty disappointing week. However, once healthy they seemed to be in fine form when they drilled the Oilers.

Many story lines emerged from these four games and they get a lot of air time this week. Sutton's arrival at the trade deadline and his immediate impact on the team and with the fans, has everyone cheering for Murray. However, what does this mean to the still unsigned A-train? And what would a week in Ottawa and in the Underground be without a good ol' goalie debate. Clouston sure gave us fodder to chew on this week with some very controversial decisions regarding his puck blockers. Is he playing with fire or just pushing all the right buttons?

Brian Lee was signed to a new contract and like many of you, we wonder why. We also discuss what is going through the heads of NHL players, besides elbows and shoulders. As for Colin Campbell, he's nothing if not consistent... consistently moronic.

Would it surprise you to hear we might have opinions on the Olympics? Likely no and we do! We tell you what we all thought of the "Tournament of a Generation!"

E-mails, voice mails, News and rudeness. It's great to be back. It's like scoring in OT to win a gold medal! Sorry, our Yankee listeners.  Better luck next time.

S5 - Episode 21: Back by Popular Demand! (and threats)


Strange Sounds!

Sent to us from one of our listeners... thought I'd share it with all of you.


Had to share this with you guys...

This is the birthday cake I woke up to this morning... enjoy.

I'll save you all a piece. It might be a good idea to mention that I'll be following Russell's example and tying the knot later this month. Wish me luck Groundhogs!