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Saturday is ALFIE day in Ottawa!!!!

According to a report in the Ottawa Citizen, this coming Saturday will be proclaimed 'Daniel Afredsson Day' by the Mayor of Ottawa, Larry O'Brien.

Alfredsson, who played in his 1,000th career NHL game this past Tuesday, will also be honoured earlier in the day during the Senators final home game of the season against the Buffalo Sabres.

The Senators' 37-year old captain has 20 goals and 49 assists in his 14th season.  Alfredsson has 375 goals and 615 assists in his career.

Pssst ... thanks TSN for finally reporting ANYTHING on Alfie!



S5 - Episode 25: James Gordon Goes Underground.

It must be play-off fever-er, or maybe the spring air but we just keep getting sillier and sillier every week. Unfortunately Ottawa Citizen sports writer and web editor James Gordon, our guest this week, gets caught right in the middle of it. Actually, it was kind of fun to do a goofy interview again like the old days, don't cha know! James got right into the spirit of it too, but he also brought it when we did get down to Sens business.

This week saw the Sens clinch a play-off spot, helping to erase the memory of last year's fail.

Canes 3 - Sens 4
Snes 1 - Isles 4
Sens 5 - Florida 2

After tying up 5th place, the Sens predictably came out flat against the Isles. So much so, we don't even bother to talk about it. Hey, we can throw them a mulligan on that one. The big story of the week, of course, was Alfie's 1,000th game against the Panthers. We sing his praise and question why others didn't, not that it should surprise us, right?

In Open Ice, we take a look into the near future and give thought to our possible 1st round match-ups. Devils or the Pens? Pick your poison with those two but we have our opinions on the pros and cons of both. We also take a look at the the phenomenon of the Sens losing too often to lesser teams and find there is some real proof to it. Another Sens signing, Kuba's surgery, Russell's rules with no exception, the News and possibly the most disturbing thing Stooli has ever said on the show.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

S5 - Episode 25: James Gordon Goes Underground.


Kuba going under the "knight". Done for the season!

Big Bruce G is reporting that flip KUBA has undergone back surgery and will be out a month or so. Get well sir ... We'll see you in round 3 ;)

S5 - Episode 24: Peaking For the Play-offs!

With 3 more wins this week, everything seems to be headed in the right direction and at the right time for the the boys in red-er-er. And, if we do say so ourselves, we're picking up our games too as this episode features what may be one of the great all-time SU moments. In one of those glorious moments of inspiration that seem to fall out of the clear blue sky, we have a little something special for you that we think is going to be a staple of the Underground throughout the playoff run.

But enough patting ourselves on the back; look at the freakin' team:

Sens 4 - Slugs 2
Panthers 2 - Sens 3
Sens 5 - Caps 4 OT

Brian Elliot continued his unbeatable streak and even took the NHL 1st star honours for the week. Maybe Clouston is on to something? Say whatever you will about how the team has handled Leclaire, Elliot is giving them the stops they need. Question is, will it continue?

But it's not just the back-stopper, the whole team is throwing it into high gear now and stepping up for each other. Hell, even Kovalev found it in him to score a goal, his first point since the Olympics (but don't worry, it wasn't a slump). High praise goes out to many this week, including Alfie, Spezza, Karlson and the new scoring star, Regin! Put a guy with a Golden Gawd and a re-rejuvenated Spezza, next thing you know he's unstoppable! Of course, we touch on the 3 signings by the Snes this week too.

Then things get silly as we go over several topics including this year's new play-off slogan, the new name of the Real Sens Army, Stooli's new tattoo, the Don Cherry movie, the continued sucking of the Laffs, play-off talk, the News and e-mails.

Listen to this week's show right until the end. You do not want to miss what's waiting.


S5 - Episode 24: Peaking For the Play-offs!


S5 - Episode 23: Back to Back is a Bad-Ass Fact!

The roller coaster ride that is the Sens' 09-10 season continued this week as the boys sank deeper into the abyss to start, then came storming back with 2, count them, 2 straight impressive shut-outs:

Snes 3 - Thrashers 6
Snes 4 - Dallas 5
Sens 2 - Habs naught
Philly 0 - Sens 2

WHAT!? Where did that come from? We knew that they couldn't go on sucking and losing forever but don't tell me any of you thought that with all the goalie and defensive woes of late that we could throw two consecutive no-hitters. Elliot seems to be back in a groove as the team finally had a goalie give them the saves they needed when they needed them. The question is, how long will the bubble last this time?

All this, of course, leads us to more talk about the state of the goalie situation in Ottawa. You might guess that there is some varying opinions on how its been handled. That's nothing new for the Underground but would you believe even management has admitted that the ball might have been dropped? We discuss an interview assistant GM Tim Murray did with Doug Maclean where this very topic was raised.

Also on the burner this week, the new head shot rule (and no this has nothing to do with Kelly), Milan Mich-ach-chewalaka-hech's knee injury, a belated nod to the Women's gold medal and their rockin' celebration, Sean Flynn rocks, some Sutton love, e-mails, News, and a new anthem for the Groundhogs.

Please enjoy responsibly.

S5 - Episode 23: Back to Back is a Bad-Ass Fact!