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A Special Honour for a Groundhog.

As the smoke clears, we drag our asses out of bed this morning, pour our javas and then it suddenly dawns on us..."Holy crap! We lost last night! It's all over! WWWHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

I was going to write my year end blog/whine/recap, but we received a great e-mail this morning from Puddleduck, loyal and faithful listener-er to the show and this being a show "by the fans, for the fans", I decided to post his e-mail here on the home page for you all to enjoy. I think it represents the same feelings a lot of Sens fans are feeling this morning. Puddleduck, take it away...

"Hey gents,

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m still pissed. Don’t know what to do with this right now, so … just gotta talk it out, I guess.

Didn’t really have high expectations heading into this match-up with Pittsburgh, had a feeling that we weren’t going to go very deep with the injuries we had right off the get-go and our struggles to stay consistent. But oh, if LeClaire had been in net for the whole series and we had a full healthy roster … aahh, forget it. I’m just teasing Shredder at this point …

Not easy to be a Sens fan, is it? All year every article you read gives the team no credit, no matter how hard they work, no matter what they do. According to most mainstream sports media, winning streaks are just flash in the pan deals, losing streaks are when the real team is showing its true colors – feels like you just can’t win some days. Leafers are leafers, so you can’t really go by their hateful comments and vitriol – but the fact is that it’s not just them, it’s everyone. Every article about the series was geared to an easy and early Penguins victory, favored to repeat for the Cup. Sens actually dare to win game one, and the panic sets in the story isnt how well the Sens played off the start, but what’s wrong in Pittsburgh, can they fix it, don’t they know it’s just the Sens, you can’t LOSE to these people. No credit at all to a heavily injured team that came to play hard. The spin then becomes the Sens are the evil team trying to take a second Cup away from Sidney Crosby and co., the anointed ones. No matter how dirty and cheap the Pens play, they aren’t called on it; no matter how gritty and resilient the Sens play, they are still the villain. The coverage was slanted from the start to the finish, with every second article giving tips and encouragement to Pittsburgh to pull out of their slump. Add to that the officiating doing everything it can to kill any momentum you build (those time-outs for goal review killed us, in my opinion). Feels like we lost before we even started ... but we gave em hell in the meantime. 

I’m proud of our Ottawa Senators team and what they did with what they had this year – everyone said that missing last year’s playoffs and losing Heatley was the death knell for our era and we couldn’t compete with the elite teams anymore. We proved them wrong and found other ways to win. I’m proud of each and every member of this team (well, Kovalev, eeerrr, ummm …) for what they brought to the table this year – this roster has potential galore and I look forward to seeing it healthy and ready to rock for next year …

I am still a proud fan of hockey and the Ottawa Senators – right now I am having trouble with being a National Hockey League fan. If this league does not review how the officiating is done and start making some changes, I may be done as a fan. I may have to save my emotional involvement for a sport with better officiating – fly-fishing for example. With a dozen different camera views and so much attention paid to every detail of the game, how can the number of bad and non calls keep piling up like this? True sport is about creating a level playing field, not what you can get away with. If the cheap shot artists and divers are the ones who are winning Cups and being touted as the heroes, what do you do with that? The refereeing system should be catching and punishing them at every opportunity, trying to bring some honor back to this sport – but it’s not. A day after my team is eliminated may be too soon to say, but I really don’t want to watch any more of the play-offs. I didn’t feel that way before the series started, but the bad taste in my mouth still lingers around this league’s officiating …

I still love the game. My son is starting to play now and that gives our family a good connection to it, but I’m starting to understand why some folks never came back after the lock-out …

Thanks to all three of you for the weekly podcast and the laughs … loved having the forums to vent and share the entire experience of this past year with the whole groundhog crew. Oh, and if I dropped a poem or two that really stank and/or offended someone … you’re welcome.

Next year, we’ll just have to be redder-er10

Cheers, Puddleduck"


WOW you will get the chills on these!!!!



S5 - Episode 27: Did I Just See Rita McNeil Warming Up?

We're afraid the fat lady is about to sing. After taking game one and making us think maybe we had a chance against the Stanley Cup champs, reality has settled-in and it's all but over now. The champs are the champs and they are now looking like it. Full credit to the Sens for not rolling over and dying like we've seen in so many years past but it seems they are simply out-gunned in this fight. Consider the last 3 games:

Snes 1 - Pens 2
Pens 4 - Snes 2
Pens 7 - Snes 4

They almost stole 2 out of Spittsburgh and coming home it looked like we were in a great spot. However, they have been losing traction, little by little, mostly due to this Crosby guy that we think we heard the media mention once, maybe twice. There are other issues that have contributed to this precarious situation the Sens find themselves in and it all comes to a boil this episode as we go toe toe to toe on several issues including Spezza, our goalies (imagine), Spezza, the refs, Spezza, if the Pens are really that much better than the Sens, Spezza and Spezza. Jason may very well have coughed-up his last bit of good will with us as his dismal play in this series has been a huge factor in the 3-1 deficit the team finds itself.

Game talk does take up most of this show but a huge pile of your e-mails also take center stage this week, highlighted by two polar opposite examples of how to handle angry e-mailers. We also take a look at the major differences between these two teams and where they are on the development curve. Cloudy recounts of Stooli's bachelor party, a voice mail from Pittsburgh and we have a Jenna update for you. We do close out the show with an e-mail from listener Dan Posen who sums things up so well, we felt he deserved the closer's roll this week.

Enjoy the show. We fear there may be precious few left. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

S5 - Episode 27: Did I Just See Rita McNeil Warming Up?


S5 - Episode 26: The Post Season Begins!

And what a start it was! After 2 long years, the Sens returned to the play-offs and opened their series against the Penguins with an exciting win in a game that saw the teams trade goals back and forth all night. Every time it looked like one team was taking over the game, the other would score a big goal to turn the tide. But in the end, the good guys prevailed!

Sens 5 - Peng-u-ins 4

The third line was the factor that we anticipated they would be and Karlson the Apostle had a strong start to his play-off career. Two guys that do take some heat after this game are Spezza, who seemed to be indecisive all night, and Elliot. There is some disagreement on whether or not the Elliot abuse is warranted as he did win but some think the win was despite of him. As a matter of fact, there seemed to be a strange kind of vibe in this episode; call it a dark cloud on a sunny day.

We briefly skim over the last 2 games on the regular season but other than Alfie's 1000th game celebration, which we briefly discuss, who really cares? IT'S THE PLAY-OFFS, MAN!

Also discussed on this episode is the Floatalev injury and whether it really matters, the draft lottery, T(oronto)SN going full retard just minutes before the start of the post-season, the NHL showing absolutely NO respect to Sens fans, the winner of the regular season hockey pool and the restraining order being placed against Stooli.

They have a chance, folks! Just keep being red-er-er than ever-er before! Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

S5 - Episode 26: The Post Season Begins!


Play-off Pool 2010!

Hey folks,

It's time! Actually, it's past time so sorry about the late notice but let's do it! SU play-off pool 2010 edition. Very simple: pick any 20 players, preferably those participating in the post-season (don't laugh, it's happens every year!). No goalies. Most points takes it all, whatever the all ends up being. Please get your teams into me by 7 pm Wednesday , April 14th.

By the way, congrats to Joe Rocca for taking the title in the regular season pool with a narrow victory over Rob McNally, who's my brother-in-Law and wasn't allowed to win anyways, and Abu Dhabler who lead almost the whole season and failed miserably when it counted the most. (How very San Jose). We haven't decided what Joe gets yet but I guarantee it will be underwhelming.

Be Red-er-er!