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It's today ... it's TODAY! Yay Jason it's Today!

Happy Canada Sens fan, today is not only Free Agent frenzy day but the day that Jason gets 4M up front and a lovely No Trade Clause, not that his contract isn't one already ;).

Good luck Atrain!  I will you well on Broadway or where ever you choose to get paid ...

Please Murray ... Sutton ... find a way to sign Sutton!!!!!!



Congrats Papa Spezza!

Taking a moment away from the trade Spezza talk ... buzz ... rumors ... stuff ... to say congrats sir drop pass on becoming a papa!

Sophia Donna was born June 8 around 11 p.m. at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto aka Hell.


Whatcha Gonna Do, Mr.Spezza?

Lots of talk and speculation about Giggles these days. He's mad at Murray, he may have asked for a trade or maybe he didn't. He wants to stay or maybe he just has to stay...WHO KNOWS!!??

I'm really conflicted on this. On one hand, I really want him to stay on the team and be a productive part of it for years to come. He's a big point getter that you can't replace. But on the other hand, if he can't handle the pressure that comes with the big money and #1 centre spot, will he really ever be "the guy" who leads us anywhere? If a little booing is going to break him down, how would he ever deal with Chris Pronger in a 7 game series?

And by the way, contrary to what some internet types are saying, I believe that most of the criticism he has taken is warranted. He's a huge talent but that doesn't mean his faults don't exist. The complaints I've heard about him are true. You can't deny them and as fans, we have the right to express our feelings about him, good or bad. It's not like we haven't cheered him when his talent has shone and I don't remember him telling us to stop cheering. He has had many superb moments and has basked in the accompanying limelight. It goes both ways.

Jason, what's up. dude? Are you only happy when things are going well? Did you think 7 million dollars a year came without a price? Did you think it was all going to be easy?  Are you going to bolt, like your buddy in San Jose did, whenever the going gets tough? Is that what a Stanley Cup champion is made of?

Or are you going to man up, show us that you have it in you and prove we were wrong about you?

How do you want to be remembered, Jason?


Remember Daigle ... Mr. Franchise?


Would we be without knowledge of the golden gawd? ... Daigle stepping up and not giving Alfie the chance to be our captain?   Maybe we would preaching the good word of Moulan Rougue?

For those you you wondering Daigle is still playing in the Swiss-A league for Langnau.  He put up 7G and 17A in 25 games.   I firmly believe that would it not be for the CAP he would still be in the NHL.


S5 - Episode 28: Finally! The Finale!

Sorry we made you wait so long for the last show of season 5 but here it is. Seemed a little strange looking back at how the Sens bowed out to the Pens on the very same night Pittsburgh was gagging on a boat load of Halak. Hockey is a weird game sometimes.

This being the season ender, we of course look back at the final two games of the series:

Sens 4 - Pens 3 3rd OT
Pens 4 - Sens 3 OT

What a wringer they put us through in those last two contests. The game five, 3 OT win might have been one of the greatest Senators games of all time, led by an unlikely hero in Pascal Leclaire. To think that he could come in cold and pull a performance like that out of his ass after the season he had, well it was nothing short of awesome. And the boys gave it a hell of a run in game six too but they just came up short in OT.

Once the pain faded a little, it seems most Sens fans can look back at the year as a whole and see it as a good healing experience from the past few seasons that saw the franchise come so unglued. That is a success in our books. It was an up and down season for the Sens and the final series was much like the season as a whole. We talk at length on all these points and yes, Shredder gets his love for standing by Leclaire through it all but not without Russell poking him a few more times, just to spice up the show.

Also touched on are Clouston's coaching performance, Spezza's unhappiness with the fans and media, the possible future for Jason in Ottawa, some of the changes we are likely to see on this team coming up this summer, the injuries revealed by the team, the new standard in bad officiating being set this play-off season and a truckload of e-mails and voice mails from the Groundhogs. Oh, and a re-cap of the legendary weekend in NYC for Stooli's wedding.

Once again, we say to you from the bottom of our all-red hearts, thank you so much for being a part of our little world here in the Underground. Five seasons have come and gone since we first hatched this egg of ours and to see what it has grown into is truly amazing. Some of you have been with us since day one, some of you are new to the show. Either way, you have become friends to us and the podcast would be pointless without you. We put a lot of time and effort into the show and we are thrilled that you enjoy it and that's what keeps us going. If we helped to make your year following the Senators more entertaining, then that is reward enough. We can assure you, you make it better for us. 

Until we meet again, SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM!

S5 - Episode 28: Finally! The Finale!