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Its good to be a Ducks fan!!!

The "fans" in Anaheim may not know hockey ... but they know what sells in Anaheim!

2 things seems obvious after watching the "tryout" ...

  1. The obesity problem in the US does not affect the city of Anaheim
  2. Would Ottawa's "talent" pool being as "skilled", maybe we should consider a woodchuck tryout!

Friday Phone call with Chris Neil on Sens Site ...


Senators sign Roman Wick

From ...

Long Time Coming- Wick Signed

The Ottawa Senators have officially announced the signing of Roman Wick. This has to be the worst kept secret in the history of the organization.

Not sure what the delay was here but it's good to see the team make it official.

Murray seems to think Wick is a legitimate candidate to crack the NHL roster. He will be given an opportunity to prove himself at camp and will apparently get a chance to play with skilled guys and show what he can do.

It's a one year, two-way contract.

Murray also spoke briefly to the media about the status of the remaining restricted free agents. He says conversations are on-going at this point with all three guys and expects to be in contact with all three in the coming weeks. 

Murray Audo clip from ...


Get your Gonchar ... 

While Russell and I were down @ SBP today the Segai Gonchar presser was happening ...

Our prized free agent signing will don #55 this season and noted how excited he is to see fans fill the Rink!

SensTV uploaded the feed ...


SensUnderground Slogan .. for the Season 6 T-Shirt!

Season 6 ... holy crap! Well I figure its time to make SensUnderground gear!   So we want ideas for what to put on 'em!



I have some ideas on what I wanna do ... but I was thinking it would be cool to have y'all suggest some ideas.

So mes petite marmotte d'amérique ... whats a go

od slogan for the 2010/11 season 6 campaign?

1. Be Ur Reddererist!
2. Cock the Hammer?
3. Alfie eats Children!
4. Nieler really was worth the money
5. Russell is a cat tree!
6. "Whatever!"
7. Welcome to Ottawa ... a goalie graveyard!

Come to the forums and give us some ideas!


One Idea ...