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SCU Season 2 - Episode 15: Muppy New Years!

We're back after the Holidays and return with lots of game recaps.  It's been really an up and down season and at the midway point of the year, it's hard to tell what to make of this team. 
  • Sens 2 @ Devils 5
  • Panthers 4 @ Sens 2
  • Coyotes 4 @ Sens 3 (OT)
  • Penguins 0 @ Sens 5
  • Sens 0 @ Bruins 5
  • Bruins 3 @ Sens 4
  • Capitals 1 @ Sens 3 
Pan and Canuck talk about the Sens Blogger Classic, rumours about Michael Del Zotto to Ottawa reimurge and some talk about things going on in the league, along with the Leafs shooting themselves in the foot with their anticipated resigning of Phaneuf to max dollars and term, rumours about Kadri, some world juniors a couple e-mails and urge you to join the fun with # SEAofBlue
We hope you all have a Happy and safe New Years! 
(Credit and thank you to @Capital_Gains65 for the image)


SCU Season 2 - Episode 15: Muppy New Years!


SCU Season 2 - Episode 14: The Youth Movement

It’s still been an up and down week for the Sens. Speaking of up and down, (TWSS) JGP and Cody Ceci come up to the big team. Both make a big impression on the team by potting goals in the St. Louis game. Things are looking better... or worse...

  • Buffalo 1 @ Sens 2 Yup yup yup
  • LA 5 @Sens 2 Nope nope nope
  • Blues 2 @ Sens 3 Yup yup yup


Kardinal and Pan bicker to the point where we forget what we're talk about and then end up on the same side. Prize to anyone who figures out what we were talking about and what our opinions were.

Hope you all enjoy the Holidays and take advantage of the extra time off to EEEE- MMMAAAAIILLLLLL THE SHOWWWWW!!!! 


SCU Season 2 - Episode 14: The Youth Movement


SCU Season 2 - Episode 13: Same Old Sens

In this week, more of the same!

  • Sens 1 @ Lightning 3
  • Leafs 4@ Sens 3 (SO)
  • Flyers 4 @ Sens 5 (SO)
  • Sens 1 @ Buffalo 2 (SO)


There’s some news on the Sens with Hoffman going back to Bingo and Cowen suspended for 2 games which a lot of people were hoping that he sat out anyway. Shootouts are apparently fun.

Lots of stuff around the league and we get some good e-mails - WHY YOU NOT EEEEEMAIILL HAAAARDAAAAAH 

SCU Season 2 - Episode 13: Same Old Sens


SCU Season 2 - Episode 12: The Return of Alfie

It was somewhat of an emotional week with Alfie coming back to town for the first time, but still lots of news with the new Heritage Jerseys and a surprising 500 win percentage. 

  • Sens 6 @ Caps 4
  • Canucks 5 @ Sens 2
  • Red Wings 4 @ Sens 2
  • Sens 4 @ Panthers 2


We announce the winner of our Sens Call Ups contest and read out the very touching e-mail from our winner.  We need more e-mails and more action on the forums.  Tell your friends!


SCU Season 2 - Episode 12: The Return of Alfie


SCU Season 2 - Episode 11: Another Jekyll and Hyde Week

The results on the ice continue to waver and there doesn’t seem to be a clear front runner as a constant in goal. 

  • Wild 4 at Sens 3
  • Sens 2 at Red Wings 4
  • Sens 1 at Hurricanes 4

Not much happens news wise with the Sens, except for the Rangers declining taking a pile of spare parts for Del Zotto, but we look at the news of the new Canadian National TV contract. Pan does more math with the Forbes article on valuations and we read no e-mail.

SCU Season 2 - Episode 11: Another Jekyll and Hyde Week