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This might have been funny... if it wasn't so sad.


Nuff said.


Stooli Re-Signs with SU.

The Sens Underground today released a statement announcing the signing of Stooli to a 1 year contract that will see him insulting various segments of their demographic though the 2010-11 season. Terms of the contract were not immediately released but it's believe he will receive a 1 year's supply of cottage cheese and red bull, an open-ended prescription for Ritalin, 2 for 1 coupons for Planet Ink, dinner with Jason Spezza and a full line of Snes merchandise.

Stooli, wingman for Russell and Shredder-er, was not available for comment but Russell was quoted as saying, "Great. Just freakin' great! Another year of apologizing for his dumb ass!" Shedder's only comment was, "Whatever!"

Stooli joined the SU in season 2 and has since insulted or alienated a huge segment of their listening audience, including but not limited to, Muslims, the Irish, the gay community, Nazis, gingers, donkeys, ostriches, Leaf fans (which is ok), giggling drop-passing centers, GM's, marketing dept heads, customers of Lulu Lemon, members of his gym, some ticket-selling guy in New York, some t-shirt selling guy at the NHL store, the women in Russell's family, his wife on their wedding night, his ex-wife on their wedding night, Systine, wives of certain British ex-pats, border guards, airport security and probably the Amish.



Foligno deal done ... Next up Regin!

Looks like Ottawa and Nick Foligno came to terms yesterday details should be announced today.  Without arbitration rights I will be shocked if its more than 2M on a 2 year term.




S5 - Episode 29: Summer Show

Hey Groundhogs,

We finally made it back into the studio for the summer show. We ran out of excuses for not doing one and it's been so damn hot, sitting in the basement talking hockey seemed like a good way to cool off.

So this is what we did; we start off with a needlessly long recap of our summers so far, stray completely off topic before we even get going, tell you about Stooli making a good impression on our contact down at the Sens, and then we get to the good stuff.

As you all know, the Sens have had lots going on since the end of the season and we tried to touch on most of the news-worthy topics including draft day and our newest non-drafted D prospect, David Runblad (who shall henceforth be known as, "Blad the Impaler"). Murray surprised us all that day and he did it again July 1st (Brian Lee, we're gonna need that number 55 sweater back). Say hello to Sergei Gonchar! We discuss these two moves and the biggest one of all, the re-signing or Cody Bass!!! We also say goodbye to Volchenchov, Cheechoo and Donovan while welcoming ex-Ottawa 67's star Corey Locke and Swiss star Roman Wicke to the fold.

As you might imagine, we have a few things to say about the ridiculous and needless soap opera that surrounded Jason Spezza earlier this summer and debate Murray's role in it. If you were one of the 5 people who went to the "LEAVE JASON ALONE!!!" rally on Parliament Hill, you may want to skip this part.

We follow that up with some various topics such as the Marc Savard rumours, the fail of the year for the NHL and the HHOF and our favourite part of this show, the full retard move of the off season! We giggle endlessly at some of the incomprehensible deals some GM's have made since the summer started and we need your help in deciding who went fullest retard. Listen up and send us your opinions.

And finally, we ask you, the listeners, to help us design our Sens Underground T-shirts for Season 6. We'd love to hear your suggestions for the slogan that will be used on said shirts and will become the rallying cry for SU next season. The winner will get something really, really cool. Don't ask us what yet but you trust us, right?

Ok, that's it until the fall. Enjoy the show and stay cool! Thanks for listening!

P.S. Oh, and of course we find some time to make fun of the Leafs but you probably guessed that already.

S5 - Episode 29: Summer Show


Its good to be a Ducks fan!!!

The "fans" in Anaheim may not know hockey ... but they know what sells in Anaheim!

2 things seems obvious after watching the "tryout" ...

  1. The obesity problem in the US does not affect the city of Anaheim
  2. Would Ottawa's "talent" pool being as "skilled", maybe we should consider a woodchuck tryout!