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We're all volunteers paying out of our pocket. We operate on a loss.  If you'd like to help, it will be put to use running the podcast and we'll give you huge kudos on the show!


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"Sens Underground! Sens Underground!"

We could hear you chanting from the cheap seats so here we are! The Sens Underground is back for yet another season; #6 if you can believe it! It's been a long summer and it sucks that it's over but that's the great thing about the fall in Canada: We get our hockey back!

For you long-timers, welcome back! For anyone who's new to the show, welcome to the Groundhog family!  As always, we are the Sens podcast by the fans, for the fans but, just like the Sens themselves, there's a lot new this season. For starters, the first thing you're going to hear is our new SU theme song! We were long over-due to have our very own anthem to represent us so we put our various talents together, with the help of some friends, and we wrote and recorded a little ditty we hope you'll find you can't get out of your heads! You can also access the complete song here or from our downloads page.

Next, we have decided to go with a more free-flowing format to the show this year. You'll still hear all the same content, just with a different presentation. We're going to just let the show kinda roll where it will and see how it works. We think it will be a lot fresher and more entertaining... and hopefully shorter!

Rage. This season, we're all about the rage. And to that extent, Stooli has designed for us a new logo and plastered it all over a bunch of merchandise that you can now own! Yeah baby, SU GEAR IS FINALLY HERE!! You can now pick yourself up all sorts of stuff to wave the SU banner proudly and tell the world "I got alotta rage!". Go to to see the full selection of stuff we have and remember that we do get a small cut of all sales so it will be hugely appreciated and will help us offset some of the costs of running the podcast.

As for the show itself, we take a look back at the pre-season, discuss the various impressions we had of various players and shake our heads at the complete panic over the goalie situation. We have a few concerns on the make-up of our D-corps but over-all, we like the team and we'll tell you why. It may be My Town and My team but not everyone is on-board with the new slogan the Sens have selected for this season. And just for fun, Russell pokes Stooli with a pointed stick over his bromance with OV and his place in the TSN top 50 players list. We didn't get to read many e-mails this week and we even skipped a great voice mail but we promise to get caught up next week.

Ok, we're off and running. Enjoy the podcast and here's to another awesome, rage-filled season flapping about Snes hockey!



SU- Season 6 Starts Wednesday, Oct. 6th.

Can you feel it? There's a buzz in the air. You find yourself watching the sports news more often, being pulled mysteriously towards the couch and the tv, buying more salsa and chips, swearing constantly about bad reffing.

Yes, the fall is here and it's time to get off our lazy asses and get back in the studio! Season 6 starts on Wednesday night!

We'll be recording the season premiere that evening and releasing it early Thursday morning. We'll be giving you our thoughts, whether you want them or not, on the pre-season, taking a look at the team that will start the season on Friday, and of course looking ahead at the 2010-11 season.

No doubt, there will be all sorts of other mayhem taking place but we also have a few surprises for you. First of all, we will be premiering the brand new Sens Underground theme song, written and recorded by the Sens Underground! (and friends.) Hopefully, you'll all think it kicks ass and we hope to hear you humming it as we walk around the Scotia Bank Place during games. If nothing else, just tell us you like it more than the new HNIC theme!

Also, this year you will be able to order your brand new Sens Underground merchandise! Yes, finally, you will be able to proudly wear your SU allegiance on your sleeve and elsewhere. T-shirts, hoodies, golf shirts, coffee mugs, stickers and more! It's long over due but wait until you see the logo. It is BAD ASS! You'll want the whole family wearing this stuff!

We can't wait to get at it again and we can't wait to hear from all of you. Having you folks share the hockey season with us makes it a million times more fun. Stock up the beer fridge, charge up the Ipods, bitch-slap a leafer and let's rock!


SU hockey pool 2010-11

Joe Rocca's enthusiastic response to his prizes for last year's pool (a dirty sock) finally gave me the motivation to get this year's up and running.

So here we go! The rules will be the same as last year's. Pick any 25 players and 2 subs, so a total of 27 players (no goalies, Uwe!). You will receive one point for each goal, assist, short handed goal and game winning goal. You will be able to sub your spares in at the all-star break. When you sub, all the points from the player you are removing will be deducted from your team and all the points your new player has will be added. It's a feel good pool!

Like last year, in an effort to create a little variety in the teams, we are going to make some of the top players that everyone would take exempt. So, any players that had over 100 points last year are not available. That means, no Crosby, no Henrick Sedin, no Nicklas Backstrom and no Ovechkin. (If you pick one of these players, I'll read your name in the "People are Stoopid" segment on the show! DON'T BE THAT PERSON!)

There's no charge to enter and the prizes will baffle you! Please have your teams in to me by 7 pm on Thursday, Oct, 7th. E-mail them to me at As always, the pool will be available on When it's up and running, I'll send you all the link and login info.

Thanks again and good luck!



Senators Sound Off!

I have a problem Groundhogs... and its staring us right in the face whenever we go near anything "Officially Sponsored" by the Senators Organization (or Sens.Org for short).

Of course you all might have guessed that I'm not from Ottawa. I don't even live in a town - like most populated areas of Newfoundland my home is classified as a community. 

Am I missing something? 


- paid for ONE Sens PPV broadcast. I was listening to Team1200 on the Laptop minutes later, but at least I tried!

- paid exorbitant amounts for Sens merchandise when its been available to me, whether it would be deemed useless by 99% of the human population or not.  

- fought tooth and nail at bars, at parties, in alleyways, on faceplant, and everywhere else I've caught wind of someone breaking my favorite team's balls.

- even watched two games during the hospital stay that involved the birth of my child (Nov.7, 2010 vs. New Jersey & Nov.10, 2010 vs. Edmonton) from the hospital cafeteria with my newborn in my arms and my recovering wife three floors up. 

In a few words - I'm a Hockey Fan and a Senators Fanatic. And I'm sure the rest of the Groundhogs can say the same and give just as many "dedication stories" about the Sens, if not more, than me. Nevertheless, I am not from the Ottawa area so I still can't help but feel left out of Sens Fandom by the organization itself. Where does this "my town, my team" business leave me and the thousands of Sens fans that don't fit into the geographic region known as Ottawa. Are we to throw our lots in with the nearest, geographically, team available to us? I called Montreal as a test, they don't want me either... just my hydro.

Am I going about this in some askew manner? Is it wrong for me to feel angry with a team I chose to support for twelve years seemingly has decided that I do not exist? I'm sure that this campaign would have been fantastic if executed correctly - BACK IN 93! But I have a major problem with it in the here and now. Are the big wigs at Sens.Org clueless to the fact that to rid themselves of the "small market" banner, placed on them by everyone besides Sens Fans, they have to stop thinking small market and actually pronouncing themselves likewise.  

This all could be useless ranting... the Sens.Org could have meant "my town, my team" as a metaphor for the being Sens as representative's of "the little guy." Unfortunately, for Newfoundlanders at least, Ottawa represents anything but "the little guy." Plus we all know by now that Sens.Org is about as deep as my knowledge of HTML Code.

But at least I'm learning something from my mistakes. 


In Defence of Sens Fans.

We Sens fans take a lot of heat in the media for being "too quiet" in our own rink or just generally being too tame. That may be true, to some extent, and it likely is a reflection of the white collar nature of our city. However, I've always taken issue with the notion that it somehow makes us lesser fans, not up to snuff with our peers east and west of us.

I'll admit I'm one of "those  people" that when I go to a game, I tend to sit there fairly quietly and watch instead of screaming at the top of my lungs for 2 1/2 hours for no reason other than to be loud. I have nothing against Sens fans that do (I fully support the efforts of the Red Scarf Union, for example) but it's just not me. I am first up and cheering when something positive happens for our team, I love a good fight and I have been known to throw a few taunts towards the refs but if there is nothing in particular happening, I'm watching. I've never thought that made me a bad fan, just one who's paying attention.

Last play-offs, when Sens fans showed some passion, albeit in a negative sense, and booed Jason Spezza, it was immediately perceived as a terrible thing and the national press ran with that story all summer long. We were turning on our own, how could we do that? Why would we do that? I don't want to get into the whole Spezza thing here, that's not the point of this blog. I just want to point out that it did take 7 years for the fans to get on Spezza to that degree and it was for some serious gaffs during play-offs game that proved very costly. In other words, it wasn't a knee-jerk reaction. This, I see, is the positive side of a thoughtful fan base that some may call sleepy. You really have to piss us off before we turn on you. However, in this situation, we heard about it because we showed passion. You can't win, I tell ya!

Now, let's take a short trip down the highway to the city of Montreal where last night, in the very first pre-season game, Carey Price was shredded by his home town fans for a poor performance. One game. Pre-season. For not being Halak. All we ever hear about Montreal fans is how passionate they are, how knowledgeable they are. Whether you agree with your management or not about the Halak trade, Price is now your goalie. So, exactly how knowledgeable is it to tear him to pieces after the first 10 shots he faces this season? Does that make you a smart hockey fan, passionate or a jack ass? Elliot let in three questionable goals Wednesday night. Had it been at home, would we have treated him like Price was treated? Not a chance. Does that make us lousy fans? For a kid who has shown in the past that the pressure of that market can get to him and now has to live in Halak's shadow, this has the makings of a very long season ahead for Carey Price. And do I even have to mention the burning of cars and looting after a first round win or, seemingly, the drop of a hat? 

Let's take a trip back the other way on the 401 and look into the bowels of the ACC in Toronto. Ottawa easily dispatched the Leafs in the opening game of the pre-season and the hometown team was booed off the ice... for a pre-season loss. Would we have done the same to our team in the same circumstance? I'd say not likely. Does that make us less passionate or simply smarter and more reasonable?

Or more sober? Don't underestimate the role beer plays in the decibel level of a crowd. Montreal has a subway that runs right into their building. Ottawans have less options and many people drive to the games, thus get less "enthusiastic". Right or wrong, this is a huge factor in crowd participation.

When we met with a member of the Senators this summer, this topic came up and their response was that the Habs fans are awesome, because they have a waiting list for tickets. So, great fans= fans that spend money? Maybe from a business point of view but in a more intangible sense, does it really? Take the Red Scarf Union and the success they have had with connecting to the Sens organization. Yes, they bring some excitement and passion to a sometimes too quiet building but more importantly, they buy a lot of tickets. I wonder if a group of like-minded fans, who couldn't afford tickets, would receive the same kind of recognition? And before you say it, yes, I know bums in the seats pay the bills and keeps the team here. Just sayin'.

Maybe the fans in Ottawa could be a little (lot) louder in some circumstances. I won't argue that but remember, that knife cuts both ways. We also are not as hard on our team as many other fans bases are. Maybe that makes us kind of vanilla but it's not right to suggest we are lesser fans because of it. Given the right circumstances, such as play-off series past where we've seen that Sens fans can hold there own with any fan base in hockey, this town's fans are as smart and supportive as any teams. Are we like that in February against the Florida Panthers? No, probably not but then again we're not as likely to burn our city down for losing that game either. I can live with that.