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Sens Underground Network introduces Sens Call-ups!

As most of you Groundhogs already know, Sens Underground as you know it has come to an end.  But please do NOT unsubscribe just yet!

Instead of shutting it down completely, we've decided to open-up the Underground to Sens fans and give YOU the ability to share your own views and opinions with the groundhog community.  Basically, Sens Underground Network will become a central hub for Sens fans to create and publish their own shows all under one feed.  You can record a daily comment if you want or produce a weekly show like we used to do, it doesn't matter.  The goal is to have as much content as possible so Sens fans who are subscribed to the SU feed can have something to listen to every day.  And who knows, Russell, Shredder and StooLi might contribute once in a while… you know, when the rage can just no longer be contained!!

So if you're interested in producing your own show to distribute via the Sens Underground Network, please contact us and we'll provide you with all the info you need to get started.

We can tell you this right now, there will be at least one podcast you can listen to from the SU Network when the season starts. I'd like to introduce, Sens Call-ups.

Sens Call-ups will be hosted by Crazy Canuck, Kardinal, and Pan (aka David Ho).  Groundhogs will be familiar with these characters as they've all been guest hosts on SU at one point or another last season. They have stepped-up and will be the first to produce a weekly show on our network.  I know they will do a great job and I can't wait to listen to their shows and be a groundhog myself for a change!!

Have a listen to the Sens Call-ups teaser… this should get you excited for things to come

Stay subscribed and….. GO SENS GO!!!

Sens Call-ups Summer 2012 - Teaser


S7 - Episode 26: The Lights Go Down On Studio 11.

And that's a wrap!.

After 7 long and satisfying years, we at the Sens Underground say our final farewells tonight. 7 years of covering the Ottawa Senators from a fan's point of view. Its always been a show "by the fans, for the fans" and for one final time tonight, we take our places behind the mics and represent you, the Sens fan.

So, we start it all off by breaking down the final game of the season for Ottawa:

Sens 1 - NYR 2

And what a game it was. No one can say that this Sens team didn't leave it all on the ice. They gave it everything they had but in the end, they came up one shot short. One shot. Of course we all felt the initial disappointment, but we think that all Sens fans can agree this season was an overwhelming success. We take you through that final game, a game that may end up being the last ever by the Golden Gawd in a Sens uniform. If it was, what a fitting end it would be, with him being the best player on the team and scoring a classic Alfie goal.

Of course, with the end of the season comes all the expected questions, such as where do they go from here? Who will be back? Who moves on? Will Alfie be back? How will they fare next season? But as always, the most contested issue is Jason Spezza. The one constant over the years that we have done this show is how Jason can divide the Ottawa fan base. Some love him, some are frustrated by him. This year is no exception. We take a last look at this topic and discuss whether Spezza can ever be the leader we keep hoping he'll be.

The Stache and Murray had their finall pressers and we bump around a few of their parting comments, including who the Sens may target in the off season. And, to give the whole thing a nice "full circle" feel, we have one final discussion with Sportnet's Ian Mendes. Ian was our first guest, all those years ago, so we figured it only right he'd be our last and as always, he brings a little sanity to our rage-fuelled ravings. A huge thanks to him for all his contributions to our show over the years.

Once we have cleaned up all the hockey talk, its time to start closing up shop. We work our way through a pile of very touching e-mails from the Groundhogs that touch us deeply, as well as some great voice mails. We then take a look back at some of our favourite moments and experiences that we were able to enjoy as a result of our time Underground. We re-visit one of our original segments, discuss a very unique idea unfolding that could see the Underground community live-on and then tie up the last loose end; we tip our hats to you, the Sens fans and the Groundhogs, our faithful and beloved listeners and friends.

There are no words that would sufficiently express how grateful we are to all of you. All we can tell you, from the bottom of our podcasting hearts, is thank you. You have become part of our lives over the last 7 years and you have shared your lives with us. If we have helped enrich your experience following this great hockey franchise, then it was all worthwhile. We all consider this adventure we've taken together to be a truly rewarding one that has brought us memories to last a life time. We can only hope we've touched your lives a fraction of how much you've touched ours.

The future for the Ottawa Senators is bright and as we ride off into the virtual sunset, we want you to know that with every great goal we all cheer, with every huge save that has us yelling "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!", with every terrible call that gets us enraged and with every Sens win we celebrate, we will be thinking of you and remembering what we shared.

Long live the Sens!

oh...and LEAFS SUCK!!!!

S7 - Episode 26: The Lights Go Down On Studio 11.


S7 - Episode 25: Raging Into Game 7!

We hope you've got some spare time for this because you're going to need it.

Once again this week, with play-off fever raging in the capital, a game 7 looming and the return to Studio 11 of Stooli, we've produced another mammoth show for you. This year's play-offs have been over flowing with crazy story lines and the Sens-Rangers series is right there with the best of them. This week's results find the teams all tied at 3 games apiece:

NYR 2 - Sens 3 OT

Sens 2 - NYR 0

NYR 3 - Sens 2

The pesky Sens, the team no one but the Sens Army believed in, are 1 game from advancing to round 2 of the play-offs. To watch this series unfold has been a nail-biting wonder with every imaginable twist thrown in for good measure. Injuries, spectacular goaltending, massive hits, suspensions, bad blood, super-human efforts have all played a part in getting us to this point. But alas, so has our old nemesis: reprehensible officiating. Its so unfortunate that the NHL has become so tainted by this plague but there's simply no denying it; the games are being adversely effected by incompetent reffing. Its not a stretch to say that this year's play-offs already have been the most poorly officiated in recent history. It may not shock you to learn that we spend an inordinate amount of time on this subject this week and how it has played such a huge part in this series. Hey, you've been warned.

Of course, we also touch on some of the other hot button topics this week. The return of the Golden One, Craig Anderson's stellar play, the decision to play rookies Stone and Silfverberg in crucial games, Maclean's benching of Spezza, 9mm and Alfie, Alfie's meltdown, Chris Neil's and Zenon Konopka's surprising and undeniable influence on this series are but a few of the legion of discussions tossed around.

Want some more? Ok, we got you covered. The continuing struggles of Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek, two guys who have drastically under performed so far in this series, get a good going over and it ain't pretty. The Sens have managed to get this far without a significant contribution from either but how long can that last? We take an unflinching look at what we believe to be the cause of these no-shows. 

And it doesn't stop there. We do a little mental Frankensteining and wonder what would happen if you could jam this year's team into Sens teams of the past. The dreaming continues as we look at how potential big name free agents may now see Ottawa as a desirable location because of this remarkable season. Of course, we have thoughts on the Torres suspension and take another look at how the other leagues handle their dirty laundry.

We received several top notch emails this week that we think you'll love and of course, we have another poll question for you, along with last week's results.

Game 7 in the play-offs. A chance to knock off the #1 team on their own turf. We think we know just the pesky team to do it.


S7 - Episode 25: Raging Into Game 7!


S7 - Episode 24: An Epic Play-Off Show!

Once again this week we are without Stooli, as he continues to settle into his new role as a house trained father. So, one more time, we call upon David Ho and Kardinal to fill the void, so to speak. And, as always, they do a fine job. Fine? No that's not enough. AWESOME is more like it, as this show has to be one of the longest we've ever done. Its truly an epic!

So what, you may ask, did we spend so much time nattering about this week? Gee, I don't know, maybe THE FREAKIN' PLAY-OFFs!!!??? As of show time, the series sits at 2-1 for the Rangers:

Sens 2 - Rangers 4

Sens 3 - Rangers 2 OT

Rangers 1 - Sens 0

After what appeared to be a somewhat hesitant and jittery start in game 1, the boys made a statement like no other Sens team has ever made. Matt Carkner took one for the team and cemented his place in Sens' lore with 1 punch (ok, maybe 8 punches) by sending a message to the Rangers and the whole league. We give you our thoughts on that whole incident and the fallout. You'll also get to hear about Shredder and Crazy Canuck's excellent adventures in NYC. 

However, as thrilled as we were with this new "family" taking care of business, and each other, they also lost Captain Alfie to yet another cheap shot to the head. This huge loss cannot be over stated as the team struggles to find offence, namely from its remaining point leaders Spezza and Michalek. Game 3 was a perfect example of that as the team was unable to get one past Lundquist in a thrilling game that saw play-off excitement return to Scotia Bank Place. The Ottawa fans deserve to take a huge bow as they made the city proud with their brilliant display of passion for this team.

Some of the more specific Sens topics we also touch on are what the Sens need to do to get the edge in this series, how to generate more for the big guys, unexpected performances from certain role players, and how this whole experience is such a gigantic stepping stone towards the future for the franchise.

But, like everyone else, we just can't talk play-off hockey this year without addressing all the insanity that's been taking place all around the league. The NHL and its policies regarding discipline and officiating have never been under more scrutiny and they are failing horribly. Or are they? Sure, the credibility of the game is taking a hit but the coffers are overflowing. We take a look at this paradox, how we got here and where it may be leading us.

We also have a few great e-mails from loyal Groundhogs, a voice mail from Pittsburgh, we announce the next SU get-together and we have the results of last week's poll question.

As you take in this episode, please find time to say a few Hail Alfies and pray that he has one last miraculous recovery in him.

Believe it!

S7 - Episode 24: An Epic Play-Off Show!


S7 - Episode 23: Stooli Multiplied!

We have a brand new groundhog among us! Stooli is now the proud father of a baby girl named Aubrey and he and Mommy couldn't be happier. Neither could we. A huge congrats to the lucky parents. No word yet on when she gets her first tattoo but it probably won't be long.

Oh yeah! The play-offs have started. That little detail probably shouldn't be overlooked either. The Sens kick off their post-season Thursday against the Rangers, just like we predicted last episode (ahem,, yeah). Ok, maybe we didn't quite call it that way but after a 3 game slide to end the season, this improbable match-up is now reality. How did it happen? Like this:

Canes 2 - Sens 1

Bruins 3 - Sens 1

Sens 2 - Devils 4

Not a very impressive end to the season but not totally unexpected either. After the Sens locked up their play-off spot, a bit of a let down shouldn't shock us. So, is it a bad thing to now be up against the Eastern Conference winners rather than the cup champs? We give you our thoughts, with the help of past guest hosts David Ho and Kardinal filling in for Stooli, on how Ottawa matches up with Torts' gang and what their chances are of pulling off the upset.

Now, its not all roses, this play-off thing. CBC has once again blessed us with the broadcast crew of Bob Cole and Glen Healy, both despised by most Sens fans. This, no doubt, will give us plenty to bitch about in the coming shows. To help us get through this, we introduce the Sens/CBC Drinking Game. If you get through the 1st period without falling down, we salute you and your liver.

We also take a look at some of the other 1st round series, Kardinal brings us an interesting story on which teams give you the most bang for the buck, Ho does some math and we all have one final giggle at the expense of the Laffs and their bag-of-wind GM after what may have been the most ridiculous press conference ever.

Some awfully nice e-mails, a check in from Jersey, another SU get together is announced and what may have been Shredder's best line in 7 years put a cherry on the top of this podcast cake. The best part is you can have it AND eat it too!


S7 - Episode 23: Stooli Multiplied!