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We're all volunteers paying out of our pocket. We operate on a loss.  If you'd like to help, it will be put to use running the podcast and we'll give you huge kudos on the show!


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Sens Underground Network introduces Sens Call-ups!

As most of you Groundhogs already know, Sens Underground as you know it has come to an end.  But please do NOT unsubscribe just yet!

Instead of shutting it down completely, we've decided to open-up the Underground to Sens fans and give YOU the ability to share your own views and opinions with the groundhog community.  Basically, Sens Underground Network will become a central hub for Sens fans to create and publish their own shows all under one feed.  You can record a daily comment if you want or produce a weekly show like we used to do, it doesn't matter.  The goal is to have as much content as possible so Sens fans who are subscribed to the SU feed can have something to listen to every day.  And who knows, Russell, Shredder and StooLi might contribute once in a while… you know, when the rage can just no longer be contained!!

So if you're interested in producing your own show to distribute via the Sens Underground Network, please contact us and we'll provide you with all the info you need to get started.

We can tell you this right now, there will be at least one podcast you can listen to from the SU Network when the season starts. I'd like to introduce, Sens Call-ups.

Sens Call-ups will be hosted by Crazy Canuck, Kardinal, and Pan (aka David Ho).  Groundhogs will be familiar with these characters as they've all been guest hosts on SU at one point or another last season. They have stepped-up and will be the first to produce a weekly show on our network.  I know they will do a great job and I can't wait to listen to their shows and be a groundhog myself for a change!!

Have a listen to the Sens Call-ups teaser… this should get you excited for things to come

Stay subscribed and….. GO SENS GO!!!

Sens Call-ups Summer 2012 - Teaser

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Reader Comments (1)

So...have I died and gone to heaven? This is TOTALLY awesome news fellas, WELCOME! The Sensunderground crew did a fab job, and I realize the pressure you must feel to fill such a vast void, but relax and take a deep are in good company whom are just as anxious as yourselves. As one of the many groundhogs living in the forest of the Screaming Trees, you have no idea just how important this is to me (and the others in the shadows of that damn forest). Congratulations on receiving the torch, and I vow to be as ever faithful to you as to the Sensunderground Lads. (Referee controversy is actually an official part of the SU if you break down and start to bicker about, no problem...I'm used to it, and actually look forward to it for sentimental reasons...bless Russell & Shredder as they'd hammer out a massive debate over soooo many calls). One again, welcome...crack open a cold one and stay a while, its nice to see you! - Ackie (aka. AckSens)

July 22, 2012 at 1:44 AM | Registered CommenterAckSens
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