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S6 - Episode 25: Get Out The Clubs, It's A Wrap!

Where do we start? How do you sum up a season like this?

It was truly a landmark season for Ottawa. We witnessed the final demise of the first generation of the Sens, the dismantling of the old guard and the beginnings of the next regime. This is a time for both reflection on the past and looking forward to the future. It likely won't surprise you we do a lot of both this episode.

What is interesting is that while we....... move forward......... with a rebuild, we will do it retaining a major link to the downfall of the past. Clouston is out as coach but Bryan Murray has received a strong show of support from owner Melnyk in the form of three more years in his office upstairs at SBP. While it may not be totally surprising, it certainly is a debatable topic this week. To say it's a contentious issue would be like saying Kuba sucks a little. You'll love this scrap.

You don't have to be Stephen Hawking to read between the lines of the comments from several key figures regarding Clouston's firing. It was made very clear why he failed to get this team on board and none of it will come as a surprise. We take a look at what was said by Murray, Melnyk and Spezza on yet another failed experiment behind the bench and also ponder about posibble replacements.

Eugene also caused a stir this week and did some of the greatest back-pedalling this side of the election debate (he does like to give us stuff to talk about which is great if you do a podcast!). The Sens also signed two more prospects and unbelievably, this caused a tussle amongst us this week. And don't get me started on the lottery pick discussion! Oy vey! There was a lot of rage in the studio this week but I guess that's to be expected after such a tough season.

To close out the season, we finish up the last of the beer as well as your e-mails, one last bit of confusion over head shots, a final poll question, a last stanza of Facebook poetry, and a few final insults and call-outs. Oh, and yeah, we take a look at the final two games of the season, for what it's worth. But, you do get to hear about Shredder's trip to Boston where he got to hang with Brad Marchand and the Bruins. He even got to chat with a few Sens and did bring back some killer stories and news about a future interview that will rock the foundations of the Underground!

So, that's it for another season. It was the toughest we can remember as Sens fans yet for all the tank talk and swearing, we do have some things to be optimistic about next year. We saw some great things from future prospects late in the season and maybe we've finally found that elusive peice to the puzzle in nets. A new coaching staff will be in place come next September and hopefully a healthy Golden Gawd to lead this promising new batch of Senators into a new season and era.

As always, we want to thank all of you for being part of our community and our lives. We put a lot of time and effort into doing this each year but we do consider it a labour of love. You Groundhogs and the feedback we get from you make every minute worthwhile, from the e-mails to the voice mails to the forum posters and everyone in between. The friendships we've developed with you over the years was something we never expected but certainly we don't take for granted. Oh, and by the way, if we offended anyone along the way, don't take it seriously. We don't. It's all just meant to be silliness. Thanks also to those who have helped us along the way; guests, contributors and the Ottawa Senators, amongst so many. And finally, thanks also to our familes for the support and patience while we goof around down here in Studio 11.

Have a great and safe summer everyone. We'll see you at some point along the way.

Love and respect. Leafs suck.

S6 - Episode 25: Get Out The Clubs, It's A Wrap!

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