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S6 - Episode 21: A St. Patty's Day (head) Shot.

It's St. Patrick's day! What better time to spend a show talking about violent shots to the head!

Now that Ottawa is playing out the string with nothing other than tank jobs to hope for, you can expect our shows to spend a little more time on issues other than Sens related ones. Tonight's show is a perfect example of that. We're sure it won't surprise you that head shots and the GMs' meetings take up a huge part of the allotted time tonight but it's worthwhile, let us assure you. A great debate is to heard this week, at times bitter, at times nasty and at times silly but certainly a topical and interesting discussion. The fact that we saw two of the most perfect examples of the types of hits that are under debate just a few nights ago (not to mention the two players involved) only serves to make this rant-fest all the more timely and volatile. 

Some heavyweights have started to chime in on the whole violence and heads shot issue this week. Our owner Eugene had a thing or two to say about it as did Mario, once more. Shockingly, the most logical and brilliant idea of all came from a very unlikely source that we think will surprise you as much as it did us.

Other than that, we take a look back at the successful re-starting of the Sens tank this week, we check in on a groundhog at the epicentre and follow up on a bunch of ex-Sens to see how things are shaking for them. Your e-mails, poetry and punches, and a birthday for mini-Shredder. Happy 5th, Benji!

Enjoy the show, the 17th and remember, leave your tank at home if you're out tipping a few back tonight.

S6 - Episode 21: A St. Patty's Day (head) Shot.

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