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S7 - Episode 3: Ian Mendes Goes Underground.

Despite our best efforts to offend most of the human race, every once in a while, we manage to talk/blackmail someone into guesting on our show. This week, the victim is Sportsnet's Sens reporter Ian Mendes. Ian goes back a long way with us and has learned how to ignore Stooli as we discuss the goings-on with the Senators, so he's good with us. Mr. Mendes gives us his take on the state of our D, specifically Gonch, Brian Lee and Chris Philips. As always, he brings the voice of reason to our ranting. He also gives us his thoughts on Anderson's slow start and has an injury report on Jezza and Butler.

Before all that, we drop our thoughts of the Sens' week on you. We look back at two games this show:

Avs 7 - Sens 1

Sens 1 - Caps 2

I think we can all agree that the less said about the Avs game the better, however we do give you a brief recap of the horror that was. You've been warned! The loss to Washington was much easier to swallow. Most Sens fans will tell you they can live with this type of loss. We give the once over to a very strong effort by Ottawa, despite the results.

You will notice a new intro to the show this week. In response to our challenge to you in our last episode, to help select our intro songs, groundhog Snafu came up with what we think is an awesome submission. This ought to inspire you all to take a shot at this!

We fill out the rest of the show with your e-mails, a pointless discuss on what constitutes a flip and a flop and our takes on Don Cherry and Aaron Asham.

The Sens Underground: Giving you another reason to hate leafers since 2005!

S7 - Episode 3: Ian Mendes Goes Underground.

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Reader Comments (1)

It really does amaze me how little the hockey world knows about the position of goaltender in the NHL. People talk about goalies stealing games with no proof that this is actually happening. What does that mean? Stopping more shots? More quality shots? More penalty kill shots?

Ian Mendes then commented on Tim Thomas having one, if not the best, seasons ever by a goalie last year. What is he basing this on?

If you are going to determine that Tim Thomas had one of the greatest goaltending seasons ever please be sure to mention ALL OF THE STATS that brought you to that conclusion. Save percentage ONLY, does not determine how good or bad a goalie was.

Yes he lead the league in save percentage but, a few big buts, would include that he was one of the WORST starting goalies in shootout save percentage. He only stopped 10 of 19 shots for a terrible .526 save percentage and his win loss record was 1 win and 5 losses in the shootout. Shouldn’t the so called best goalie in the league lead in this department since it is a one on one battle and it is where a goalie needs all skill sets to be successful, meaning no defense and defensive systems there to protect him. Goalies need to rely on footwork, save techniques, speed, gap control, positioning, etc.

Also, he was ranked 20th in penalty kill save percentage, or very, very, average. Goalies that had better PK save percentages than Thomas include Schneider, Theodore, Ward, Anderson, Johnson, Varlamov, to name a few. Boston was short handed the 4th fewest times which helps a goalie stats as well.

So, he had the best five on five save percentage. How would other goalies have faired with that Boston defense and defensive systems that include some guy named Chara. How would Vokoun faired on Boston and Thomas on Florida if they swithced roles last season? Vokoun allowed only 2 goals on 13 shots in the shootout for a save percentage of .846. Vokoun lead all number one goalies in penalty kill save percentage last season with a stellar .925 save percentage!

Again I ask, if Vokoun was on Boston and Thomas on Florida what happens? So who was the better goalie last season Vokoun or Thomas? Vokoun had Garrison, Weaver, Kulikov, McCabe, and Allen. Big deal!

Thomas was average last season on a good team! Vokoun was good on an average team. But the goalie and hockey world always finds a way to pick the winning goalie as the best and not the best goalie all around!

Mr Mendes should provide the entire stats to such bold statements!

October 31, 2011 at 9:32 PM | Registered CommenterThemediasmedia
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