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S5 - Episode 19: The A.D.D. Show.

Seems like we couldn't stay on one subject tonight. This show was swinging back and forth like a banana hammock, something that Russell had his fill of down in Punta Cana. When will you Euros ever learn?

Yes, Russell is back this week, just in time to see the winning streak come to an end in sucky fashion to the Leaftards. But there were 2 other games in there worth talking about:

Coconuts 1 - Sens 3
Sens 0 - Leafs 5 (huh?!)
Flames 2 - Sens 3

Go figure they knock off some of the best teams in the league for a month then lose to the doormats. It always sucks to fall to those fools but there is a silver lining to the loss. We explain.

Of course, the Olympics are a topic this week and we look at who scares us, what to do about Getzlaf and why we're suddenly pumped-up about the coming games.

We also discuss the Kovalchuk and Lehtonen trades, Ovechkin destroying Hal Gill, another Ray Emery incident, an update on the Sens Underground get-together this weekend, StooLi reads the News and we have your e-mails.

Look at all the good stuff we give you, just not in an organized fashion this week! Sometimes we get distracted by the pretty colours.

S5 - Episode 19: The A.D.D. Show.

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Reader Comments (2)

good show guys - being an Englishman, (Brit if you have to, European if you REALLY have to) I would say that the single biggest reason that the atmosphere is different between Europe and North America sports comes down to size. Canada and the US are just too damn big to have a meaningful group of people travel to away games.

In the UK when you watch your football team at an opposing team's venue you will be surrounded by your fellow supporters, because as you have mentioned, you have fan segregation, something that unfortunately is still needed from time to time. It's a tribal thing, You get to shout and scream with people and because these people have travelled to see the game you know they are more likely to be hardcore fans.

It's no coincidence that the games at SBP with the "best" atmosphere are when the Habs or dirty stinking leaves play, there are fans there supporting both sets of teams. It can be difficult to get up or charged for a game when there is no focal point to push back against you.

This isn't an issue just for Ottawa or just for the NHL. I found the change in atmosphere to be palpable also when I watched NFL or MLB live as well. It was different when I wa dragged down to Carolina to watch a NASCAR race, that was pretty intene - mainly because i feared for my life and my backside being surrounded by 100,000 drunk rednecks (i knew i shouldn't have watched Deliverance before going)

February 11, 2010 at 6:53 PM | Registered CommenterThe Apostle

awesome post, UK.

February 11, 2010 at 7:04 PM | Registered CommenterResigned Russell
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