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We're all volunteers paying out of our pocket. We operate on a loss.  If you'd like to help, it will be put to use running the podcast and we'll give you huge kudos on the show!


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"Sens Underground! Sens Underground!"

We could hear you chanting from the cheap seats so here we are! The Sens Underground is back for yet another season; #6 if you can believe it! It's been a long summer and it sucks that it's over but that's the great thing about the fall in Canada: We get our hockey back!

For you long-timers, welcome back! For anyone who's new to the show, welcome to the Groundhog family!  As always, we are the Sens podcast by the fans, for the fans but, just like the Sens themselves, there's a lot new this season. For starters, the first thing you're going to hear is our new SU theme song! We were long over-due to have our very own anthem to represent us so we put our various talents together, with the help of some friends, and we wrote and recorded a little ditty we hope you'll find you can't get out of your heads! You can also access the complete song here or from our downloads page.

Next, we have decided to go with a more free-flowing format to the show this year. You'll still hear all the same content, just with a different presentation. We're going to just let the show kinda roll where it will and see how it works. We think it will be a lot fresher and more entertaining... and hopefully shorter!

Rage. This season, we're all about the rage. And to that extent, Stooli has designed for us a new logo and plastered it all over a bunch of merchandise that you can now own! Yeah baby, SU GEAR IS FINALLY HERE!! You can now pick yourself up all sorts of stuff to wave the SU banner proudly and tell the world "I got alotta rage!". Go to to see the full selection of stuff we have and remember that we do get a small cut of all sales so it will be hugely appreciated and will help us offset some of the costs of running the podcast.

As for the show itself, we take a look back at the pre-season, discuss the various impressions we had of various players and shake our heads at the complete panic over the goalie situation. We have a few concerns on the make-up of our D-corps but over-all, we like the team and we'll tell you why. It may be My Town and My team but not everyone is on-board with the new slogan the Sens have selected for this season. And just for fun, Russell pokes Stooli with a pointed stick over his bromance with OV and his place in the TSN top 50 players list. We didn't get to read many e-mails this week and we even skipped a great voice mail but we promise to get caught up next week.

Ok, we're off and running. Enjoy the podcast and here's to another awesome, rage-filled season flapping about Snes hockey!


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Bout time!

October 7, 2010 at 9:13 AM | Registered CommenterIvanDaTerrible
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