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S5 - Episode 16: Or Not Slipping Away!

Listen, we have no idea anymore what to expect from the Sens. Last week the play-offs looked like they were in serious jeopardy. This week, the sky's the limit! Last week, no goalies. This week, maybe too many! It's enough to drive a podcast to drink!

Things look a whole lot better this week after 4 shocking victories against some very strong competition:

Sens 2 - Rangers 0
Sens 4 - Habs 2
Sens 5 - Tim Thomas 1
Chicago 1 - Sens 4

WHAT??!! WHAT!!?? You really expect us to believe any of you saw that coming? Four straight wins, including the Bruins and Thomas AND Chicago? That's craaaaazy talk I tell ya! But it really did happen! So, the question this week is why? There seems to be some disagreement about what was the true reason for the revival. Was it the return of the Golden Gawd Alfie? Was it the sudden emergence of solid goaltending, including that of new star on the block, Mike Brodeur? Did the team just finally pull it together or was it a little of everything?

So much love to spread around this week. Alfie's return was nothing short of golden as his 6 point in 2 games demonstrated. Brodeur and Elliot showed us why hockey is all about goaltending. Karlson continues to dazzle, Neil was a force, Fisher is back on the score board, it goes on and on. The team is getting healthy again but that means players who have contributed are going to have to sit. We discuss the good and the bad of the return of the wounded and who may have to take a seat upstairs. 

In Open Ice, we discuss the Sutton and Cormier hits, Mike Peca, Ron McLean's fall from grace, read your e-mails (badly) and defend our honour. Stooli, as always, has his News segment. 

Isn't it good to smile again, groundhogs?

This one is for Spike.  What a sweetheart he was.

S5 - Episode 16: Or Not Slipping Away!

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