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S5 - Episode 11: Spezza and Floatalev Lost in Snow!

Maybe that's the way they could spin things down at the Scotia Bank Place! The first blizzard of the year claimed our two missing hot shots! That's why they are nowhere to be found...  but we did find Stooli this week!

No, it's going to take more than soft, little snowflakes to explain the money Eugene Dangerfield is wasting on these two and by his comments in the press this week, he's getting a little tired of scratching those ginormous cheques for nothing. Can you blame him? Look at the results from the last week that he has to show for his investment:

Sens 2 - Coyotes 3
Sens 4 - Duck 3 (SO)
Habs 4 - Sens 1

No, you can never blame a loss strictly on one or two guys but you can certainly point to them as the main culprits in the no-show departments. The piling on of Spezza and Kovatard this week is excessive but they have run out of mulligans as far as the Underground is concerned. A look at some stats and a few dumb-ass comments by the "One Who Floats" only fires up our rage.

Murray also lets loose with some heavy handed criticism this week... which was very surprising but very true. We just wonder if it is productive or not? Whatever, we like it!

We take a look this week at a disturbing lack of depth in the organization as far as future star forwards go. Maybe not right now, but this could be a big problem in the not so distant future.

While we're star bashing this week, we throw in a little Tiger spanking (but he'd probably like that!), StooLi reveals his new infatuation, your e-mails and a some other truly useless time fillers.

Stay out of the snowbanks and enjoy the show.

S5 - Episode 11: Spezza and Floatalev Lost in Snow!

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Reader Comments (1)

great show.
best of the year.

December 10, 2009 at 10:30 AM | Registered Commentermkrwv
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