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S5 - Episode 8: Back to Normal

After a week where things weren't quite as they should be in the Underground, things seem to have returned to some semblance of normalcy.

Stooli is back, so are Russell and Shredder (at least in the sense of sobriety) and the Sens beat the Leafs. Yes, everything is as it should be.

As we settled back into our regular format this week, cursing at U-Stream all the way, we have but one game to cover in this show:

Laffs 2 - Sens 3

Yes, any win is a good win, especially over these knobs, but we can't say we were thrilled with how difficult it was. This was a game where the boys needed an incredible bounce back game from Leclaire just to barely scrape past the Clowns from Smogtown. However, what it lacked in beauty, it made up for in entertainment as a little of the old hatred snuck back in this week. We discuss the fights, the goals, Fisher's continued excellence and the sub-par play of Alfie and Spezza, amongst others (We smell injuries here). Enjoy it now folks, there are some real good teams coming to town and as we discuss, there may be a tough road ahead.

Before we totally dismiss the hated ones, we must have the mandatory conversation about their idiot fans and their tired act in our barn. They have become such an enema to us that it now appears they are having an adverse effect on ticket sales.  And why are there so many young kids cheering for those losers? All topics we banter about.

We also take a quick look at Pierre McGuire's preview of the Olympic team and some surprises on the bubble, not to mention an outside chance that Mr. Underwood is making himself a darkhorse for a checker's role.

You responded to our call for listener feedback with many emails and voice mails. Well done, Groundhogs! Top it all off with a visit from an old friend of the Underground, Stuntman Stu, public address announcer for the Ottawa Senators and local media dude. He has an interesting new charity idea in support of the Sens Foundation and he drops by to tell us about it. We, being the fine, outstanding citizens that we are, are more than happy to help him promote his cause.

Hope you enjoy the show. Cheers!

S5 - Episode 8: Back to Normal

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you guy's should try justin,tv.It is way easier.

November 19, 2009 at 7:09 PM | Registered CommentersensfanQC
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