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Attention Underground Poolies!

Shredder and I were lucky enough to attend Saturday night's game against the Rangers, in some awesome seats, courtesy of a listener who was nice enough to send us tickets for all three pre-season home games. (Sean, you rock!) I thought I'd just take a few moments to jot down some of the things that caught my eye, keeping in mind it was just the first game and we should not draw too many conclusions from anyone's performance.

- Within 2 minutes of entering the building, we spotted the first idiot wearing his Leafs McCabe jersey. Will it never end?

- Buying beer still requires re-financing of your mortgage.

- Kuba looked pretty good, showed some nice patience on Heater's one-timer.

- Winchester did not look out of place and even threw some nice hits. Where did this guy come from???

- If Schoobie wants to win a full-time spot on the blue line, he'd better have a stronger showing than he did tonight. Weak, real weak.

- The Sens will not lack for size this year.

- Lee and Picard did nothing to win themselves a spot on the team. Both looked lost out there.

- Gerber and Elliot were both very good. Nice to see.

- Spezza's and Heater's hands already look good but both passed up good scoring chances for low percentage passes. I'd hope to see much less of that this year. Actually, if Heatley never passed at all, I'd be fine with that. Just freakin' shoot everything, like Ovechkin does.

- People booed when Alfie was announced as a scratch. They cheered when he showed up in a video segment on the scoreboard. The man truly owns this city.

- Foligno was very involved tonight.

- Neil was not. For a guy who has a truckload of players looking to take his spot, he was very invisible. I'd think that if he wanted to insure his continued residence in Ottawa, he might want to take a look at Foligno's game tonight.

- A girl's butt crack sticking out of her pants is not attractive. It just looks like butt.

- The refs all passed suck school this summer with flying colours. Once again, they called every single little stick foul, real or imagined, yet managed to miss Bois' head being driven into the boards from behind. I guess this should not surprise us.

- Parking passes are awesome.

- We've needed a player like Smith on this team for a looooooong time.

- Cottoneye Joe was back again. I've upped my medication.

- Damn, it's nice to have hockey back!


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Jony is my friend
and ioana is my girl

April 29, 2009 at 3:53 PM | Unregistered CommenterAGRIGEMAG
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