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Enough is Enough


This will be the second time in two weeks I have to admit Stooli was right so as soon as I'm done writing, I will be taking a scalding hot shower. (I feel so dirty!)

The Sens lost yet another game to the New York Islanders last night. Yes, those New York Islanders. That's three times in a row to a team that, on paper, shouldn't be able to win a single game against us. It wasn't so much that the Sens lost, it was, yet again, how they lost.

After three or four strong efforts, against mostly good teams, they had many of us believing they had possibly turned the corner and had found some chemistry that would lead to a consistent, solid effort every night from here on out. Apparently, we've been duped again for in what has become a very, very old story, the Sens came out and failed to play a sixty minute hockey game. Not only that, but they played down to what should be a weaker opponent's level.

This is where Stooli makes his disturbing appearance, for it was the highly-caffeinated Inked One who said on the show a few weeks back that he was tired of the same old stories with this team, that the same old problems never seem to go away. I didn't quite get what he was on about but it's pretty damn clear now.

Take these quotes from last night. The first comes from Alfie:

"I think we're a better team than we showed. It wasn't a great effort."

Really? You guys have been saying this for over a year now. Why wasn't it a great effort? What makes you think that you can beat anyone in the NHL with a half-assed effort? How many games do you need to lose to understand that? Have you looked at the standings lately? Maybe that's the problem, you think you're a better team than you are. If you really believe you are a better team than you showed then why don't you just go out and show it??!!?? And weren't the changes Murray made supposed to address the team's character so these type of things would never need to be said again? (This being said, I think Alfie is one of the few who are trying their best every night but even a Golden Gawd can't do it all by himself.)

The next quote comes from Hartsburg:

"I don't think we competed hard enough for 60 minutes."

If there is one thing a Sens' fan never EVER wants to hear again, that would be it. No other story line has worn as thin as that one. The time has come to put that quote to rest forever. The answer is as simple as this: If the players, or certain players, on this team can't find it in themselves and their enormous bank accounts to play a sixty minute game at maximum effort, THEN-FIND-SOME-WHO-WILL! Period. I've had it and I'm sure you all have too.

Enough is enough.


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