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SCU Season 2 - Episode 24: Leafs Still Suck

The Senators are officially eliminated from the playoffs and yet SOMEHOW end up higher than the Leafs. It’s not that the Sens are better than the Leafs. It’s that the Leafs are that bad!

  • Habs 7 @ Sens 4
  • Sens 3 @ Rangers 2
  • Sens 4 @ Islanders 1
  • Devils 1 @ Sens 2
  • Leafs 0 @ Sens 1

Bobby Ryan looks like he wants to stay and talk extension and Zibanejad is held out of the lineup after going to hospital during the Devils game. We look at some news around the team, league and prospects and finish up with a couple e-mails.

We’ll be back with our year end review episode to wrap up before the long summer and look forward to getting your thoughts and e-mails.


SCU Season 2 - Episode 24: Leafs Still Suck


SCU Season 2 - Episode 23: We Get Knocked Down...

It’s been a while since the last episode, but the team did relatively well.

  • Sens 1 @ Stars 3
  • Sens 4 @ Bolts 3 (SO)
  • Sens 2 @ Panthers 3 (SO)
  • Blackhawks 3 @ Sens 5
  • Flames 3 @ Sens 6 
  • Canes 1 @ Sens 2 (SO)
  • Islanders 2 @ Sens 1

Pan and Canuck talk about the SCU FLA trip A LOT throughout the game recaps and we get some help from Chad and CBINC to talk about the games. Kardinal also shares his weekend wound stories. We’re shockingly in a good mood considering that this is pretty much the end of the line for the team, but we also touch on some news around the team including the injury to Bobby Ryan, and news from him and Hemsky with the objective of resigning with the Sens in the summer. It wouldn’t be an episode without laughing at the Leafs, so we do that for a couple minutes.



SCU Season 2 - Episode 23: We Get Knocked Down...


SCU Season 2 - Episode 22: It's Too Loud

Well, there isn’t much, if anything, positive to say in this episode.  The Sens have been abysmal in the completion of the Western trip and haven’t been much better at home.
  • Sens 2 @ Oilers 3
  • Sens 1 @ Flames 4
  • Sens 5 @ Jets 3
  • Preds 4 Sens 3 (OT)
  • Sens 4 @ Habs 5 (OT)
  • Avs 3 @ Sens 1
  • Rangers 8 @ Sens 4
The Sens say goodbye to Conacher, say hi to Hemsky and an extension of Chris Phillips for two more years…
There’s been lots of anger, grief and frustration on the twitterverse and blogosphere.  To help us talk about this, we call up @Fffeisty from twitter to talk about the emotions and reactions of a devoted fan.


SCU Season 2 - Episode 22: It's Too Loud


SCU Season 2 - Episode 21: Heritage Classic Edition

In this week's episode, we get ready for the trade deadline.  in a Corvo and Comrie-ish move, we bring back Russell (@RussellSU1) from the old Sens Underground!  We had the Heritage Classic this week and had one pretty good game and a really bad game.
  • Red Wings 6 @ Sens 1
  • Sens 4 @ Canucks 2

We get (only) one e-mail which gest us going on multiple Sens trade rumours and seeing what good ol' Tim Murray is up to.  Brief chatter around the Olympics and some of the rule differences between the Olympics and the NHL.

SCU Season 2 - Episode 21: Heritage Classic Edition


SCU Season 2 - Episode 20: Round-Up before the Olympics

We have had lots of games to recap. Game On!

  • Lightning 3 @ Sens 5
  • Sens 3 @ SeaOfPoo 6
  • Sens 1 @ Pens 2 (OT)
  • Sens 5 @ Blues 4 (SO)
  • Sabres 2 @ Sens 3
  • Sens 2 @ Bruins 7....oh Lord...


Cowen hasn’t had the best couple games in the top 2 and we break down the defence. Kassian also gets more discussion than ice time. Spezza haters get facts thrown at them and we look at Bingo and the game played up in Ottawa.

We get lots of e-mails and get ready for a couple weeks of. Enjoy the Olympics! 


SCU Season 2 - Episode 20: Round-Up before the Olympics